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Growing sales starts with a better sales process.

You're looking to scale your growth. Our Sales Improvement Assessment (SIA) shows you how to reach your goal quickly. Schedule a free session today!

What is the Sales Improvement Assessment (SIA)?
The SIA is designed to help you evaluate your current sales environment, identify challenges, and create tailored solutions that enhance your sales performance. Here are common sales system problems the SIA provides solutions for:

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How does the SIA work?
The SIA is an in-depth analysis of your current sales infrastructure and sales process. OptifiNow meets with your team to diagnose the sales process and identify problem areas. Using our proprietary sales platform, we design a new sales process that customizes screens, integrations and marketing workflows that streamline your sales experience. 
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Initial Assessment

In a 30-minute session, we assess your current sales infrastructure, identify sales issues, and define sales metrics.

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Workflow Design

OptifiNow designs a sales process workflow that smooths out inefficiencies and defines performance metrics. 

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Technology Design

We use our proprietary technology to build a custom sales platform that is built to support the workflow process. 

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Project Scoping

We provide a project scope and cost estimate that is up to 70% less expensive than similar Salesforce or Hubspot implementations.

We have the skills and expertise to solve your most challenging sales problems. 
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Our job is to combine expertise, technology and service to deliver sales solutions
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Cost-Effective and Easy to Deploy

Get a powerful, wholesale lender-ready CRM platform at an affordable price – without the need to hire additional resources or expensive maintenance. Ready to deploy in as little as 30 days*

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"The implementation was quick and painless and provided us with greater control over our wholesale business."

Dean Ayres - Senior Vice President

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