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OptifiNow CRM helps you succeed

Our Mission Is To
Help People Succeed

We simplify technology to allow sales & marketing teams
to surpass their goals.

OptifiNow CRM helps optimize the processes of sales and marketing teams

The way we sell has evolved

Technology has allowed sales and marketing to reach exponentially more people than ever before, even for small businesses. However, for most teams, customizing generic sales and marketing tools is too laborious and expensive to make these solutions useful. You shouldn’t have to become a software company to keep up with the competition; let us help.

“Essentially the OptifiNow platform allows companies to create an automated sales process that replicates what top sales people have been doing within their companies for years. Dashboard driven analytics and reporting provided allows a company to continuously improve its process without IT involvement. OptifiNow companies can transform the sales process into guided, best practice steps that deliver consistent, repeatable, and high-value results.”

John McGee, President and CEO OptifiNow

Our Vision

Technology can be difficult, but with the right partners it can transform your business.

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Comhar (pronounced “Core”) evokes cooperation or shared work. Its roots lie in partnerships in which neighbors would plough fields together, promoting mutual success for all involved. This principle underpins our approach to collaboration: if your team isn’t successful, then neither
are we.


Misneach (pronounced “MIH-shnahck”) is the spirit of encouragement, especially in times of uncertainty. At OptifiNow, we embody this with our can-do attitude. No problem is too large for us to take on; in fact, it is this very uncertainty that spurs innovation and long-term success.


Uachtarán (pronounced “OOACH-ta-rahn”) typifies the pursuit of excellence, as the word is derived from the cream that rises to the top. We are never content with where we are and strive to learn, evolve, improve, listen, and learn in today’s changing market and world.

Making smarter selling accessible to everyone

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OptifiNow was founded in 2016. Its founders, who ran a printing business at the time, struggled to find a way to manage their sales and marketing efforts as they grew their team. Big name customer relationship management (CRM) systems were too complex and expensive to maintain for their business. So they decided to build their own. After partnering with their friends and colleagues to help expand their businesses, today OptifiNow provides the only CRM solution that is 100% customizable for the needs of small- and medium-size businesses.

Drive your sales and marketing on your terms. OptifiNow is here to help.

Who we work with

We’re fortunate to work with some of the most prominent leaders in their markets.

See how OptifiNow can help your team succeed.

Meet our Leadership Team

John Mc Gee, CEO and President of OptifiNow
John McGee

CEO / President

As the CEO/President of OptifiNow, John leads the company’s vision, culture, strategy, and growth. An entrepreneur at heart, John stays closely aligned with key customers, employees, investors and partners to drive innovation and growth.

Over the course of his career, John founded multiple corporations that span from manufacturing, ecommerce, and cloud applications. OptifiNow was founded to solve a common struggle of managing national and global sales teams with brand and legal compliant processes and communications. OptifiNow was built from the ground up by simplifying the complex needs of enterprise sales & marketing organizations. The result is a software platform that delivers a complete suite of cloud and mobile based solutions.

John has degrees in Engineering and Computer Science from Loyola Marymount University, and is a proud California native. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, and their 3 children.

Mike McGee COO of OptifiNow
Mike McGee

Chief Operating Officer

As COO of OptifiNow, Mike works with John to develop and execute all key strategies for growth and operational initiatives throughout the company. He leads the corporate development efforts for OptifiNow, including strategic alliances, acquisitions, trusted advisors programs and strategic partnerships.

Mike’s career spans decades of successful leadership roles in global technology businesses. As Chairman and CEO of NIEC (TSE1;6974), Mike led this $350 million publicly traded Japanese Semiconductor Company from an enterprise generating losses to record revenues, gross margin and profitability. During Mike’s tenure NIEC was one of the best performing stocks on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


As EVP CFO Mike was member of the International Rectifier (NYSE; IRF) executive team driving the development of strategic direction and company objectives. During this period International Rectifier’s revenues grew from $200 million to over $1.3 billion. Mike raised over $2 billion in debt and equity financing, managed a billion dollar investment portfolio, completed 10 domestic and global acquisitions, and was a thought leader on wall street in structured finance.

Ready to exceed your sales targets?

OptifiNow is a powerful all-in-one platform that helps enterprise teams easily handle the entire sales cycle – for results you can measure on your bottom line.

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