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Content Management

Content Management

Centrally manage and deploy the company’s most current content. Organize and have 24/7 access to Office docs, PDFs, Art files, video and audio files in a common cloud folder.

Imagine your presentations, your office docs, your PDFs, your media files, training materials, contract templates, and detailed product information – all neatly organized in a common cloud folder, and all ready to be easily accessed whenever they’re needed. From anywhere inside or outside your office walls. From any computer or mobile device. Regardless of the operating system or browser. And with no VPN required. Now your people can always be on the same page – literally. Plus, you can look forward to higher rates of user adoption, thanks to ease of use and deployment.

With OptifiNow CRM's content management features, you centralize and streamline your company's content management within a single, powerful platform


  • Store, share and secure your files

  • Insure compliance and brand standards

  • Quickly locate relevant sales content

  • Centrally manage and deploy content

  • Cut the time spent looking for documents by 50%-75%

  • Ensure that only the most current collateral, branding and promotions are being used

  • Organize content throughout the organization

  • Enhance security through user access controls and automatic audit trails

Ready to exceed your sales targets?

OptifiNow is a powerful all-in-one platform that helps enterprise teams easily handle the entire sales cycle – for results you can measure on your bottom line.

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