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OptifiNow CRM helps you manage contacts efficiently
Contact Management

Empowering Salespeople by 
Streamlining Contact Management.

Your salespeople need to spend less time sweating the details and more time realizing their sales potential. That’s why OptifiNow has built an intuitive, user-friendly contact management system that offers a relevant feature set. Now your sales team can focus their energies on building relationships and exceeding sales goals.

Sales Funnel
  • Find information fast

  • Gain access to crucial contacts anywhere, anytime from anywhere – thanks to cloud-hosting

  • Create custom fields to capture the data you need

  • Keep an unlimited number of contacts, which you can constantly update and expand

  • Send and receive emails from any of your email addresses

  • Store all files, correspondence and other documents that relate to a client in the system

  • Use email reminders to prompt timely action regarding deals and prospects

  • Sort and filter opportunities in a variety of ways

Ready to exceed your sales targets?

OptifiNow is a powerful all-in-one platform that helps enterprise teams easily handle the entire sales cycle – for results you can measure on your bottom line.

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