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Increase conversions and lower costs with an All-In-One CRM built just for you.

OptifiNow is more than just CRM and automated marketing software. We provide you with comprehensive support, development and project management teams to help you create the perfect lead management system.  


Advanced lead marketing and management for virtually any industry

Real Estate
Automated Lead Management

OptifiNow streamlines lead tracking and management using custom algorithms that ensure accurate assignment, follow up and nurture of your leads. 

  • Leverage data to automatically score leads

  • Rules-based lead distribution ensures that the right sales representative gets the right lead 

  • Track conversions and measure performance

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Advanced Lead Capture

Connect all of your lead capture sources - web forms, landing pages, chatbots and more. Funnel all of your leads and convert more efficiently using OptifiNow’s all-in-one system.

  • Integrations to top lead vendors

  • Flexible web hooks that connect to any lead capture form

  • Automated flat file upload via SFTP

Automated Omni-Channel Communication

Effortlessly engage with leads using automated email sequences, sales funnels and triggered communication that send the right message at the right time.

  • Multiple integrations to top lead vendors

  • Flexible webhooks that connect to any lead capture form

  • Automated flat file upload via SFTP

Fully Managed Deployment and Customization

Say goodbye to training videos and user manuals. OptifiNow handles the entire deployment process for you. From initial configuration to custom software development and beyond, OptifiNow’s team of experts does all of the work – allowing you to focus on converting leads.

  • Weekly meetings with dedicated account managers

  • No task is too large or small

  • Project scoping and management

  • Unlimited training

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