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As a CMO I have reviewed many different systems that pertain to CRM or sales management. Optifinow is by far the most flexible and the most efficient system I have seen. They are able to provide a fully customized platform for sales organizations in about 30 days. This is unheard of for an enterprise solution. Speak with John McGee about your needs. Make sure that if you are reviewing Sales Force CRM that you give Optifinow a good look - because not only is it more efficient to use - it generates the right tools to help you and your sales teams thrive! Their technical support is spot on as well. No downtime and very dedicated to getting their clients answers and most of all solutions to their problems. -Iffel International

Hema Dey

I used OptifiNow to manage my inbound call center and outside sales rep leads. Having a platform so tightly integrated into my phone systems and sales process increased my conversion rate significantly. The flexibility of this platform is what sold me and the 30 days to get it up and running was also something that made us super fans!

Michael Krause

I have worked with Optifi Now and it grew my business. We had 2 custom CRM's made for our company. One on the sales side and one we white labeled for our clients. Great staff and a special shout out to John McGee who worked closely with me, and solved so many problems for us. Thank you OptifiNow.

Karren Grieco

We have been customers of OptifiNow for over 3 years and OptifiNow has really helped us grow our business. PMA made Inc. Magazine's 2019 fastest growing privately held companies list for the second time and OptifiNow was instrumental in our ability to manage the sales process. The OptifiNow team has been great to work with and they always go the extra mile to make sure that our needs are met. We have referred several companies to OptifiNow and I have received excellent feedback from those referrals about OptifiNow.

Jeff Brady

Couldn’t be happier with my decision to use Optifinow. User friendly - allows my team to easily work their sales pipeline and grow our business. Great people - super personal and responsive to my business needs.

Shannon Hacker

OptifiNow gave us the flexibility and control necessary to manage 48 unique sales regions with a complex product base and 12MM iterations of sales content, enabling every sales rep to send the right message at the right time in the right format.

Time Warner Cable

As our business has scaled, OptifiNow has been a key partner. We have built a structured sales process that our agents to follow. We need to be able to quickly adjust and continuously improve it and keep up our growth and ROI. The OptifiNow software and team has allowed us to do both. They are a great partner to our business.

David Gonzalez

CEO - Greenlink Financial

We were looking for a software provider that could handle all of our different mortgage product lines, and only OptifiNow checked all the boxes. As opposed to managing and training to multiple pieces of software, our whole company can run on just one platform. The OptifiNow team has worked hand in hand with us to map out unique sales processes for each product and implement them in a quick and painless way. They are an excellent partner.

Brian Roe

VP Sales - Open Mortgage

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