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Why Oaktree Funding Chose OptifiNow

To continue Oaktree Funding’s motto of “the relentless pursuit of perfection,” they upgraded to OptifiNow to get one step closer. As a wholesale mortgage lender with Non-QM and conforming loan products that do business nationwide, Oaktree utilizes a call center-based sales process that relies on high volume and rapid touches with mortgage brokers. Oaktree’s previous CRM was configured for this process, but the system didn’t meet their standards for excellence. Oaktree knew the only way to have a smooth sales process that their reps would appreciate was a fully customized CRM built to their exact specifications. That’s why they chose OptifiNow.

Every wholesale lender’s sales process is unique. There’s no single method to attract brokers, and the presence of multiple technologies makes it even more challenging for lenders to find a CRM that can do everything they want out of the box. Since wholesale lenders use the CRM as their primary customer database, it becomes a critical part of their overall technology stack.

OptifiNow built a tight integration with Oaktree’s LOS in order to provide their sales reps with key customer details. LOS Loan data drives an automated account classification process that categorizes brokers by their last submission date and sales rep ‘touches,’ including a specialized ‘shark tank’ that ensures brokers are continuously engaged.

Telephony integration is crucial for a call center environment, so OptifiNow worked with Oaktree’s existing VOIP provider to build an integration that made inbound and outbound calls a seamless process. OptifiNow worked with Oaktree to map out call flows and built custom rules to ensure a smooth and logical user experience.

The primary goal of Oaktree’s sales process is to provide brokers with rapid scenario price quotes. OptifiNow customized their Support on Demand module and integrated it with Oaktree’s LoanScoreCard pricing engine to allow sales reps to quickly create a ticket, enter scenario information, and get product and pricing information in real-time. When a broker makes a selection, the rep generates a quote document and sends it via email. As soon as a quote is delivered, OptifiNow sends a nurture campaign to the broker and reminds the sales rep to follow up once the campaign ends.

Oaktree Funding has the same CRM struggle that every wholesale mortgage lender has: lack of options. Generic ‘toolkit’ CRMs like Salesforce or Zoho don’t have any fluency with mortgage lending and are super expensive – especially considering they don’t have the infrastructure to keep up with industry needs. Using a retail mortgage CRM for wholesale lending is putting a square peg in a round hole. The lack of a B2B account-contact structure makes it fundamentally unsound for organizing data. That’s why OptifiNow exists. We recognize the challenges wholesale lenders face when choosing a CRM and go much further by using a hyper-collaborative White Glove approach. We’re proud to partner with Oaktree and help them achieve their goals.

If you’re a wholesale mortgage lender, give us a call even if you’re satisfied with your CRM. Find out if an OptifiNow custom CRM can deliver more benefits and greater ROI. Book a demo today!


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