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What Makes A Mortgage CRM Worth Your Investment

Is this YOU?

Are you a Mortgage Loan Officer with a terrible, inefficient CRM program?

Is it holding back your performance?

Do you want a simple and effective Mortgage CRM platform?

The truth is there are too many options!

How do I choose the best mortgage customer relationship management (CRM) software?

There are so many CRM software solutions on the market, and they’re not all created equally. Mortgage lending companies tend to use brands like Salesforce CRM, Velocify, Surefire, BNTouch and many more as popular Mortgage CRM software solutions. However, recent interviews with mortgage lending companies have revealed that many of these CRM systems are cost-inefficient, sluggish, and just a real burden on the organization.

What is the purpose of a Mortgage CRM?

Mortgage CRM or any CRM software should be an aid; it should help with customer communications, offer personalized services for your industry, and be convenient to use.

Common CRM Complaints by Mortgage Lenders

Cost vs Benefit

Unfortunately, some CRM software is expensive, complicated, and more burdensome than helpful. Even well-known brands can be more hype than help. Fortunately, OptifiNow’s CRM software is uniquely designed to help your mortgage business manage sales, marketing, and business development.

Generic vs Individualized

In the mortgage industry, the relationship between business and customer is unique; this relationship often requires specialized outreach and personalized management processes. This means that a generic CRM platform is generally not the best choice for a mortgage company.

So which CRM should you work with?

Choose a CRM that’s Tailored to the Mortgage Industry’s Needs

Work with a CRM that is designed for the mortgage and financial sector. CRM software programs that try to serve all sectors are too generic to be helpful; their use results in a poor ROI for the mortgage industry. The good news is that there is a CRM software program designed specifically for the mortgage industry. OptifiNow is an all-in-one platform that helps mortgage lending teams exceed their sales targets. Our Amplified CRM is fast, easy, simple, and reliable.

Choose a CRM that’s Individualized to your Company’s Needs

When choosing the right CRM, the first step is to determine the problem you’re trying to solve. Let’s say, you want to increase sales. Then you need to identify what is currently preventing your team from reaching your sales goals. OptifiNow’s CRM software offers features customized to the needs of the mortgage industry. We know, for example, that client retention is of utmost importance. We know the mortgage industry needs proper contact management coupled with loan pipeline management in order to thrive in this highly competitive market.

When choosing a mortgage CRM software, it’s important to think for your company’s specific needs; don’t just choose the biggest name out there, nor do you necessarily want to gravitate towards what other companies are using. Since each company’s situation is different, another company’s satisfaction with their own provider doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good fit for you. Ask yourself, do you want cloud-based solutions? Do you want a CRM that can seamlessly integrate with an ecosystem of software partners to simplify your technology stack? Are you a mortgage manager who needs instant access to information on sales activities, pipelines, contact information, and opportunities? If you answered yes to any of those questions, OptifiNow’s CRM is for you.

Solutions by OptifiNow

OptifiNow’s CRM platform offers all that and more. OptifiNow’s CRM tools are uniquely designed to automate your sales methodology in order to help your team sell smarter. And, critically important, the learning curve for OptifiNow is extremely minimal. This will help reduce training time, which in turn will generate a shorter timeline to achieving a positive increase in impact.

Remember, CRM software exists to help. If it’s too complicated to learn, too expensive to invest in, or not ideally suited for your business’s specific needs – it’s not the right CRM solution for you. OptifiNow is uniquely designed to save you time, increase your sales, and simplify your communications. Furthermore, our system is designed to grow with you, so that as your sales increase and your business expands, you don’t have to switch to a new system; OptifiNow’s CRM software works well with businesses of all sizes. OptifiNow empowers management teams to take control of their sales teams and their results. Our CRM software will help you uncover more leads, close more deals, and improve your ROI. OptifiNow is an all-in-one partner for your business and our CRM software is the tool to help your teams sell smarter.


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