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Understanding Lead Management For Mortgage Lenders

Are you struggling to manage and track inbound leads or new leads generated for your mortgage business?

Are your sales agents working remotely and you don’t have a sense on day to day lead nurturing?

Is there a CRM in place and no one knows how to really utilize it?

Lead Management 101

Lead management incorporates business process and technology to close the gap between marketing and sales. The process is often incorporated into a CRM program or procedure within a mortgage lending business. Correct implementation of a lead management system will drive higher lead conversion by as much as 30%. Moving leads through a well-defined lead sales process flow will also increase both sales performance and customer satisfaction.

CRM Lead Management for Mortgage Lenders

Industry statistics show 79% of marketing leads never convert to sales for Lenders that do not have a Lead Management system in place. From a recent survey, many mortgage lenders have used CRM brands like SalesForce lead management and Velocify. Some had no CRM system or software in place. However many marketing and sales teams rely heavily on an internal solution or manual process to manage the lead cycle and its’ ultimate impact on the bottom line for the business. Our one on one interviews with companies revealed the importance of CRM software platforms to be:

  1. User-friendly

  2. Fast to implement

  3. Configurable sales process workflows

  4. Provide key reports for management purposes.

For a report comparing CRM systems for Mortgage Lenders

contact us for a complimentary consult and demo HERE.

Without these top three features, the lead generation process is handicapped by cumbersome data entry and data output. This applies to retail mortgage lending, wholesale mortgage lending, consumer direct lending, and reverse mortgage lending companies. An effective lead management CRM program is capable of providing insights into buyer behavior driving the biggest impact on the sales pipeline.

Lead Management Software

A good lead management platform will blend sales process workflows with relevant customer-focused content that will drive revenue. When marketing is provided the insight into the formats and channels that perform the best, content can be tailored to the buyers’ needs. “The truth is your mortgage lending company can no longer rely on template drip email campaigns and messaging. You must develop a personalized buyer experience creating messaging which leverages behavioral insights. This must be delivered at the right time in the right place, in the format the individual prefers” says John McGee, President at Optifinow.

Creating targeted marketing campaigns segmented with personal content and messaging will drive revenue. Using a lead management system specifically tailored to personalized content creation will allow you to realize the highest return on investment and permit your sales and marketing teams to focus on what they do best.

To request a demo on OptifiNow’s Lead Management Solutions for Mortgage Lenders, contact us HERE

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