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Tips On Salesforce Management

Sector: Fintech and Mortgage Lending

Are you measuring the performance of your sales team? If you are, great! Most managers find the task of measuring performance daunting in the mortgage lending space. With new-age working environments like remote office locations, home offices, and independent sales agents, managing and tracking performance can be a nightmare for some. This article offers a few tips on how to implement a culture that is focused on measurements and key performance indicators.

Tip 1: Bridge the War Between Marketing and Sales

Are you faced with a straw wall between marketing and sales? To be fair, marketing teams are faced with increased pressure to perform online, managing complex inbound marketing campaigns and being forced to be more sales-oriented. The truth is, sales is still responsible for closing the deals, but both teams have to have a sales mindset. "This is why it is critical to recognize that developing, executing and measuring marketing campaigns and programs don't end simply with the creation of a lead" says John McGee, CEO at OptifiNow. He also says that the true measure here is the quality of the lead that is handed over to the sales team. This impacts the propensity for the lead to close – become a real customer.

Tip 2: Get the Right Lead Management System Implemented

We have seen so many mortgage lending companies buy into systems that have crippled internal resources, resulting in significant wasted financial investment into platforms that aren't suited for their business model. In a recent survey at OptifiNow, several Mortgage Lenders have expressed frustration when it comes to measuring success with CRM or salesforce management systems that have been over-engineered - resulting in corporate slavery!

"Our team at OptifiNow spent the last few years narrowing down many of the problems experienced by Mortgage Lenders and have the best sales platform for the Fintech sector," says John. This applies right across all mortgage lending businesses. "A huge part of the OptifiNow's sales & management platform is focused on measuring performance that encompasses a CRM, Sales Enablement and Sales Intelligence Automation, all customizable with our Business Intelligence platform," McGee continues.

If you are a slave to your sales and marketing system - it is time to re-think your system and get this corrected sooner rather than later - for more guidance on this, contact us HERE.

Tip 3: KISS

Yes, KISS goodbye to complex salesforce management systems and procedures. At the end of the day, this lies strictly on management - keep it simple stupid (KISS). Measuring is not hard with the right system. Here are some tips on how to simplify things:

  1. Get your sales and marketing automation platform implemented in under 30 days, anything more than that is a waste of time.

  2. Train your team on how to input data, if the system is cumbersome – stop!- review what your options are with OptifiNow’s lead management system and automatic lead capture.

  3. If you cannot rattle off, how many leads your team has generated and how many closed this week – your platform should provide you those insights. Get the right reports to empower you as the owner to have a clear pulse on your business.

  4. Do you know who your star salesperson or sales representatives are? How can you fine-tune your sales teams without knowing the true results on performance?

If you are in the mortgage lending business and have issues with sales force management processes and systems, share your problems with us and we will make it ours to resolve for you. We have a wonderful team of innovative artisans who provide superior white-glove service to ensure total satisfaction for our clients. We have the data to prove it! Learn more HERE

If you are interested in salesforce management tools but have a business outside of the Mortgage or Financial sector, we have solutions that are relevant for call centers, manufacturing facilities and health sectors - for more information on all sectors please review our solutions HERE.

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