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The Hidden Treasure Inside Your LOS

Most lenders know that their LOS contains a wealth of opportunities to generate more leads. All of the borrowers that they have previously engaged with are stored in their LOS, chock full of juicy data that can be mined for marketing campaigns. But the real treasure hiding inside your LOS is real estate agent data, and we’re going to show you how to strike it rich using OptifiNow’s Flex CRM.

There’s no doubt that real estate agents are a primary source of leads for loan officers. A recent survey by MGIC and Loan Officer Hub reported that 88% of loan officers rely on word-of-mouth referrals and that 85% of their referrals come specifically from real estate agents.

However, most CRM integrations to LOS systems will only grab borrower and loan-related information, ignoring valuable real estate agent information that can be used to greatly increase their referral potential. 

To address this issue, OptifiNow has created a feature called Real Estate Agent Harvesting that is specifically designed to grab realtor data from LOS loan files. Along with borrower and loan data, OptifiNow identifies any buy-side and sell-side realtor contact on a loan file and imports it automatically into the CRM. 

This means that every loan file stored in a lender’s LOS can automatically create up to three records in OptifiNow: a borrower record, a buy-side agent record, and a sell-side agent record. Once this data is imported into OptifiNow, the CRM includes a wide range of automated marketing and notifications that strengthen the relationship between loan officers and real estate agents.

For example, birthday, holiday, and anniversary messages can be automatically sent to any newly imported contacts via email or text, ensuring consistent visibility and engagement with real estate agents. In Process Automation (IPA) keeps real estate agents updated on the status of their client’s loans by automatically sending out email and text messages each time a loan file is updated. Loan officers can even create co-branded open house flyers using imported real estate agent data, highlighting the business partnership between the two.

There’s no better referral partner than the one you’ve already worked with. OptifiNow’s Real Estate Agent Harvesting feature helps lenders take advantage of existing relationships stored in their LOS and easily leverage them into more leads.

To learn more about the OptifiNow Flex CRM and Real Estate Agent Harvesting, contact us to schedule a demo.



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