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Solving the Frustration of Managing Multiple CRMs

As a mortgage lender, you know how burdensome it can be to manage multiple CRMs on top of your regular sales and marketing efforts. Aside from being plain frustrating, it can lead to decreased efficiency and even missed sales opportunities.

To make improvements to your own mortgage lending operations, it’s important to look at what other leaders in your industry are doing. One great example is Sun West Mortgage Company—a leading mortgage lender in the U.S. that revolutionized its sales and marketing efforts by replacing multiple CRM systems with OptifiNow Flex.

Sun West Mortgage before OptifiNow Flex

In the past, Sun West Mortgage used multiple CRMs to have access to all the features they needed for business activities. Most “off-the-shelf” CRM solutions have superfluous features or lack specific functions that are considered necessary in certain origination channels. Think inbound call routing for consumer direct teams versus co-branded flyers for distributed retail.

As a result of employing multiple CRM systems, Sun West Mortgage experienced inflated technology costs, operational inefficiencies, and increased labor requirements. Managing data across multiple systems isn’t just time-consuming, it detracts from overall business resources and creates unnecessary challenges.

Without a centralized system, sales and marketing teams were forced to operate in their own silos using different CRM systems. This approach quickly leads to confusion, duplicate efforts, and frustration throughout the entire organization.

To help mitigate these challenges, Sun West Mortgage needed a centralized solution that would provide visibility and streamline sales and marketing efforts—enter OptifiNow Flex.

How Sun West Mortgage Revolutionized Client Management and Operations

Instead of juggling two complex CRM systems, Sun West Mortgage streamlined its operations into one CRM—OptifiNow Flex. Using this centralized CRM platform makes the sales and marketing processes much more accessible and simpler to maintain.

With this newfound efficiency and control over sales performance, Sun West Mortgage gained visibility in the industry along with valuable insights that gave them more autonomy over the success of their efforts.

Of course, the mortgage lending industry can be a lot to keep up with, which is why OptifiNow’s White Glove Service is an essential part of building an infallible CRM system that can evolve over time as business needs grow and change. While most CRM systems require business owners to depend on a static set of features, OptifiNow Flex gave Sun West Mortgage with enough flexibility to adapt, change, and thrive in mortgage lending. OptifiNow performed all of the platform maintenance, custom development, integrations and testing on behalf of Sun West Mortgage. This flexible solution approach enables lenders to save time and money and is the key to empowering lenders with the resources they need to manage clients and opportunities effectively.

Transforming mortgage sales with OptifiNow Flex

After implementing OptifiNow Flex, Sun West Mortgage Company has managed to transform their mortgage sales and marketing efforts without any additional labor. By centralizing all their data into one solution, sales and marketing teams are empowered to own their processes and achieve measurable results.

At the end of the day, the mortgage lending industry is a competitive one, and to thrive, you need to keep up with and outperform your competitors. The easiest way to do this is by setting up your teams with flexible CRM technology that supports their everyday business activities.



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