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OptifiNow Launches OptifiNow Flex Multi-Channel CRM For Mortgage Lenders

SEAL BEACH, Calif. – Mortgage CRM leader OptifiNow announced today the launch of OptifiNow Flex, a version of their successful CRM platform to support multi-channel mortgage teams. Flex unifies the workflows for wholesale, retail, reverse mortgage, recruiting and more into a single system. This flexibility, coupled with OptifiNow’s commitment to long-term customer success, offers unprecedented coverage for the industry.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen a worrying trend in the mortgage industry,” said Linn Cook, VP of Sales at OptifiNow. “Lenders are implementing two or even three different CRM systems to satisfy the needs of different sales channels. They want specific tools, integrations and screens that provide each type of user with an ideal workflow, but they end up with a convoluted tech stack that drains their budgets and resources. Maintaining multiple systems and a complicated IT environment in today’s tight business environment is unsustainable.”

OptifiNow Flex consolidates the functionality of multiple CRMs into a single solution. All sales channels log into a single site but the CRM experience is customized for each user. “We can build completely different user experiences that provide the specific workflows or tools that type of user needs,” remarked Cook. “In many cases, we can even integrate different LOS systems and third party services that are specific to each channel or division.”

OptifiNow has built omni-channel CRMs to support many different lender configurations, including simultaneous forward and reverse lending environments, multiple DBAs with different workflows, or the inclusion of a recruiting CRM within the overall platform.

Housing all sales and marketing channels in OptifiNow Flex allows management to have visibility over the entire organization. In-depth reports and dashboards consolidate data, generating insights that are cumbersome to achieve with multiple CRMs. “Lenders need to streamline their tech stacks and reduce as much redundancy as possible,” said John McGee, CEO and president of OptifiNow. “Working with multiple vendors had meant shouldering the costs of the same fees and maintenance many times over. OptifiNow Flex lowers IT costs while ensuring your teams still have the workflows in place to succeed.”

About OptifiNow

OptifiNow is a cloud-based provider of customized CRM sales management and marketing automation software. OptifiNow’s platform consists of multiple modules that are fully integrated to provide companies with a customizable solution that adapts to virtually any type of sales environment, including distributed retail, consumer direct, and wholesale mortgage lending. OptifiNow delivers their solutions using a unique White Glove service model that significantly reduces implementation time, lowers maintenance costs and increases user adoption. Visit or call (888) 746-6743 to learn more.



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