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Improving The Brand And The Business Through Better Content Distribution

The Problem with content:

Let’s face it: there are two kinds of content: the kind people want-to-read and the kind that gets ignored or deleted because it’s boring or irrelevant. In today’s fast paced news cycle, most content falls solidly into the “delete” category. As a Marketer you need to start thinking about your content in the context of what the customers want to “hear” and being relevant to their situation, environment, interests and needs.

The key to understanding what your customers want to read is to understand your customers in greater detail. Segment them, create personas, append additional data to them to get a better picture of what’s important to them and then (and only then) communicate to them with want to read content.

The next issue is where to get this magical content – if you are like many people, you are already doing the jobs of two people and don’t have time to throughtfully write content. Here are a few places you can start looking:

  • Find it at your company

  • Hire staff to write

  • Hire a specialist to write

  • Outsource writing

  • Buy syndicated content

  • Work with a big company

  • research thought leaders

  • hire a copywriter





OK, now you have segmented your customers and prospects and you have great want to read content – NOW you need to activate it. Here are a few ideas on how to do that:

  • Blog

  • Enewsletter

  • White Paper

  • Article

  • eBook

  • Case Study

  • Testimonials

  • Microblogging

  • Webinar/Webcast

  • Video

  • Facebook Stories page

  • Customer-Focused Community Site Online news Release

  • Custom Social Network

  • Custom Print Magazine

  • Digital Magazine

  • Video Blog

  • E-Learning Series

  • Mobile Application

  • Online Media Site

  • Conte

  • Teleseminar

  • Podcast

  • Executive Roundtable

  • Industry Ranking System

  • Book

  • Print Newsletter

  • Virtual Tradeshow

  • Company-Focused Community Site

  • Comic Book

  • Facebook Application

  • Road Show

  • Audio Book

  • Screencast

  • Widget

  • Branded Content Tool/Application

  • Online Game

  • Infographic

  • Online Survey Research Project

  • Discussion Forum

  • iPad Application

  • Multimedia Content Platform

Just remember three things when talking to your customers:

  • Take your existing plan and ask “what’s in it for the buyer to give me their media-time?”

  • Align your communications to the buyer’s journey

  • How can I make it more relevant and interesting?

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