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Boost Sales Performance with CRM: Insights for Sales Managers

In the dynamic world of wholesale lending, sales managers face the perpetual challenge of elevating their team’s performance and navigating the intricacies of careful decision-making. Today’s highly competitive wholesale market requires sales managers and account executives to retrieve valuable insights and gain visibility into their team’s activities. The right CRM system makes the process seamless, leading to better decision-making and improved loan volumes.

Easily manage account assignments

Implementing a comprehensive CRM solution is one of the easiest ways to seamlessly streamline account management. This helps sales managers efficiently allocate and oversee mortgage broker accounts among their team of account executives.

A CRM system is really helpful because it eliminates the risk of accounts being duplicated, which prevents confusion, thus improving operations.

Here’s what you should expect from a Wholesale Mortgage CRM:

  • Duplicate account detection: CRM systems have sophisticated duplicate account detection features that ensure your broker accounts are never double-assigned. One example is to automatically identify duplicate NMLS numbers, broker account names, or even email addresses.

  • Automate account policies: Go one step further than account allocation by automating your account policies. Implement account policies as rules that determine how often an AE should be engaging with brokers, how loan submissions influence account ownership, or the maximum number of accounts an AE can have. By automating account policies, account executives are not burdened with more accounts than they can handle efficiently, which improves broker engagement and client relationships.

  • Automatic notifications: Keep account executives informed at all times—real-time alerts make sure no account falls through the cracks and issues are resolved quickly.

Automatically distribute accounts

When it comes to wholesale lending, it’s essential to use a system that clearly delineates the specific accounts your executives are responsible for and for how long. With this in place, your CRM system is pivotal in ensuring your team isn’t overwhelmed with an excessive workload, promoting optimal performance, and fostering consistent engagement and communication with brokers.

  • Automated reassignment: Simply telling an AE that an account needs attention might not be enough of an incentive to spur action. However, if your CRM has the ability to automatically reassign accounts, then you can be sure that your AEs will pay attention to account policies. Automating account reassignment eliminates a lot of the emotion around account management and strongly encourages AEs to actually use the CRM, a win-win for sales managers.

  • Centralized lead store: Lead stores are repositories of broker accounts that are not actively managed by an account executive. Also known as a “Shark Tank” or house accounts, some CRMs can provide AEs with an all-you-can-eat buffet of broker accounts for them to add to their pipelines. Lead stores are a convenient way of distributing and re-distributing accounts throughout your sales team, improving workflow and amplifying sales activity.

Track and analyze sales team performance

The ability to comprehensively monitor and dissect the performance of your sales team is essential for growth. Using a CRM, sales managers are equipped with the tools and information to delve into the complete history of account executives’ activities—from calls and emails to make or break meetings. Detailed performance reports help you identify areas of improvement and keep your team functioning optimally.

Make data-driven decisions for sales strategy

Sales managers can make better-informed decisions for their sales strategy by leveraging integrations with pricing engines, LOS systems, and other data sources. They can spot trends in sales data, identify strengths and weaknesses, and fine-tune the sales process.

Increase Sales via Automated Loan Scenario Ticketing

Automated Loan Scenario Ticketing that’s integrated with a pricing engine allows AEs to create rapid and meaningful responses to broker loan scenarios. Based on client data, there is a direct correlation between the number of tickets an AE provides and the number of loans they close.

OptifiNow TPO: Your Partner in Boosting Sales Performance

When you invest in a CRM system, it’s essential that you work with a company that understands the unique challenges faced by wholesale mortgage lenders. Luckily, we’ve developed OptifiNow TPO, an innovative CRM solution designed to streamline wholesale lending sales and marketing operations.

Unlike generic CRM options like Salesforce or Hubspot, OptifiNow TPO addresses specific pain points that only wholesale lenders face and empowers them to increase loan volume, gain market recognition, and enhance customer and account executive satisfaction.

Unlocking the full potential of your wholesale lending business has never been easier. With OptifiNow TPO, you can expect to boost your sales performance, gain valuable insights, and drive transformative business results.



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