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Align Communications To The Buyer’s Journey

Engaging With Your Buyer

Commit to building an ongoing dialogue and two-way conversation with your customers and prospects. Talking “at” them in the mode of traditional advertising is no longer sufficient to win their attention or their loyalty. Shift from campaign-based, mass- communications to life-long personalized messages. Think micro-segmentation or even individual customers: build customer life-time communication plans rather than campaigns. Take your existing plan and ask “what’s in it for the buyer to give me their media-time?” How can I make it more relevant and interesting?

Companies can no longer afford to push out template-driven marketing. You want to establish trust? Build loyalty? Then you must create an ongoing dialogue, punctuated with relevant messaging at just the right times, all based on scrutinizing each end-user’s individual preferences. Crafting your messaging to specifically address each individual opportunity is critical for success today. Dynamic and automated content creation not only strengthens your relationship with your consumer base, it also maximizes cost- effectiveness and ROI.

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