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A flexible, cost-effective CRM solution for insurance sales


Stay connected with your clients and find new policy opportunities using sales and marketing automation.

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Finding the Ideal CRM

Is there one CRM that can handle multi-channel originations? Find out how this is done.

Engage effortlessly with clients

The OptifiNow Insurance CRM is built for automated communications. Email and SMS are fully integrated with automated and customizable marketing sequences. Real-time feedback notifies you when clients engage with your marketing, helping to find cross sell and upsell opportunities. 

Keep client information and details in one place

The better you know your client, the better you can serve them and build a lasting relationship. OptifiNow Insurance tracks client details, policy information, important documents, marketing activities and sales engagement in one place.

Let OptifiNow White Glove service do the work for you

OptifiNow includes a range of services that lower your CRM maintenance costs: implementation, training, custom software development and high-touch technical support.

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CRM without the frustration 

Work with professionals that care about your CRM success. OptifiNow takes a holistic approach to creating CRM solutions that are both technically advanced and easy to use.  

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The Mortgage Broker Scorecard

Learn how to streamline your sales process and generate consistent loan volume from mortgage brokers. 

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