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Social Collaboration

Social Collaboration

A company’s greatest asset is the collective knowledge stored with their employees

A private social network for your company. Collaboration OnDemand’s web-based social network allows users to collaborate securely across departments, geographies, content and business applications.


The OptifiNow Collaboration On-Demand platform brings it all altogether, via ready-to-deploy, cloud-based solutions matched to your business goals. This is how you create that two-way conversation so crucial to maintaining an ongoing dialogue with customers and key influencers. Unlock your employees collective knowledge and close more opportunities while reducing sales cycle time.

Social Collaboration


  • Find the people, content, and expertise needed to produce results

  • Capture, centralize and share institutional knowledge

  • Engage all employees on a single collaboration platform

  • Foster innovation with the necessary enterprise controls

Ready to exceed your sales targets?

OptifiNow is a powerful all-in-one platform that helps enterprise teams easily handle the entire sales cycle – for results you can measure on your bottom line.

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