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Wholesale Mortgage Lenders Need A “Whole-Istic” CRM

As a wholesale mortgage lender, you need a CRM custom-tailored to the B2B industry that’s equipped with the functionality to meet your specific needs –– especially now that an increasing amount of lenders are moving down the wholesale path.

Existing CRMs that claim to be designed for wholesale lenders often fail to realize what a wholesale lender CRM should be. Sound like a CRM situation you know?

At best, retail mortgage CRMs are a Band-Aid fix for wholesale needs. How can a B2C CRM make life easier in a B2B industry? The only solution is tricky workarounds that attempt to emulate a B2B mortgage platform. This creates more problems than it solves. The point of a CRM is to expedite processes and increase efficiency –– why risk more errors?

Non-mortgage CRMs guarantee two things: frustration and cost overruns. Generic CRMs are functional for most B2B enterprises. They can be classified as “good enough” for wholesale mortgage lending but require time-consuming and expensive modifications to adopt all the intricate features you want – including LOS integration. Why settle for good enough when you can have custom mortgage lender-specific solutions from OptifiNow? OptifiNow provides the foundation every lender needs with the streamlined ability to make the CRM unique to you.

OptifiNow is even rolling out new modules with the CRM capabilities wholesale mortgage lenders have been craving. Allow us to introduce Support onDemand and Automated Account Classification.

Support on Demand creates scenario request tickets that link broker accounts to contacts, which ensures efficient ticket management and tracking. It acts as a high-tech filing cabinet for your essential documents. The entire module was created to meet your needs, like integration to pricing engines and third-party systems. Support onDemand bridges the gap between sales and account management so you can automate operations and provide top-tier service.

The Automated Account Classification module seamlessly identifies the quality of a customer account and utilizes data from a lender’s LOS to tell you when an account has last submitted a loan. The Automated Account Classification module does it for you instead of manually sifting through activity data, dormant accounts, and account executives.

The fact of the matter is that both B2C retail mortgage and non-mortgage CRMs don’t have the flexibility or capabilities to make wholesale mortgage lending easier. Meanwhile, OptifiNow has set the standard for what a wholesale lending CRM should be. We also know every lender is different, and that’s why we make it easy to customize.

If you’re ready to see what a CRM custom-curated for the industry can do for you, book a demo with OptifiNow.

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