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Tips On Automating Lead Nurturing

Updated: Feb 7

Did you know that automating lead nurturing will help the bottom 80% perform more like the top 20%?

Customers are actively engaged with brands at multiple levels; making it critical that companies manage and nurture these highly engaged consumers who can share anything, with anyone, across the globe.

A systematized work-flow that enables sales to nurture leads intelligently and appropriately is crucial to creating a scalable and successful sales environment. Within the ongoing dialogue between the customer and your sales force, the dynamic availability of the latest product and services information is crucial:

  • Which content is available?

  • What is the best sales tool?

  • For whom is the content created?

  • When to use it?

  • At which stage within the sales process should the content be delivered?

The questions above are the questions that CRM alone can’t answer. Through marketing and Sales Process automation, processes can be rendered into best practice steps that deliver consistent, repeatable, and high-value results. By placing your best practices sales process into the hands of your entire sales team you help them engage prospects to win more often.

Increasing Customer Engagement through Automation will Increase Your Win Rate

  • Arming salespeople with the best marketing assets, insights and market intelligence enables them to deliver a more targeted value proposition during every customer interaction.

  • Sales reps easily deliver a consistent message and image across the span of the sales cycle.

  • Manage opportunities by centrally tracking key deal information.

  • Create and monitor customized offers and pricing.

  • Streamline proposal creation with embedded document management.

  • Establish consistent sales processes enterprise-wide with predefined workflows.

  • Measure and monitor sales performance and effectiveness

In the end, by empowering your local agents, call center reps and employees to grow revenue and deepen customer relationships through multichannel marketing engagement that is measurable – you will drive more revenue to the bottom line.



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