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Salesforce CRM App Exchange Shows The Benefit Of OptifiNow

The Salesforce CRM App exchange proves that CRM is not enough, which is why Optifinow has a pre-integrated approach to Sales & Marketing Automation.

Optifinow’s Company History

Twenty-one years ago a little startup company revolutionized the way that software was delivered. In February 1999, introduced the Software as a Service “SaaS”, which allowed companies to license software that was located in the “cloud”. For decades companies had purchased software and set up their own servers and installed software within their own environments. Installed software required IT teams to manage and monitor and upgrade servers. Employees needed to be located locally to access servers and the software installed on them. Remote access was difficult, which meant remote workers were rare.

Salesforce CRM

The CRM cloud-based SaaS approach changed the way the enterprises thought about software. Companies no longer needed to manage servers with installed software, they just needed access to the internet. I.T. departments didn’t need to worry about the next software update, but fixes & feature enhancement just appeared when the user logged in. As long as an employee had internet access, they could access the CRM and so the ability to work remotely was not possible.

Over two decades later, has evolved into a software giant. With customers around the world, CRM is the largest supplier of CRM software. But CRM has become a global term for the managing and tracking of key contact information for enterprise companies. And, as there are many types of enterprises, there are many types of CRM solutions needed to support them. Based on the type of enterprise and the organizational needs of the company, requires that CRM software support many different audiences. supports many types of organizational and audiences needs. And has learned that supporting the various needs of enterprise customers they would have to develop lots of various software components to support customer needs. As opposed to the developing all the various components, CRM decided to open source the needs of their customer by opening up the Salesforce App Exchange. In the years since the App Exchange, close to 5000 different Apps have been released to help customers setup their environment.

With the philosophy of being all things to all companies is overwhelming, and CRM tries to support all enterprises of all organizational types. This philosophy means that Salesforce must carry a lot of overhead in its software core, which makes it overwhelming for its users. Too many fields, to many forms, to many clicks to interact with key contact information has become a common complaint against CRM.

“With over 5000 Apps and so many fields, forms and clicks. Enterprises have had to hire Salesforce consultants to help them build out their software environments. This adds another layer of costs and complexity. When you look at this evolution of CRM over the last 20 years, it has become apparent Salesforce’s philosophy has in so many ways simplified business operations and in new ways have made it more complex in many ways” John McGee, President of Optifinow.

Enterprise CRM Solutions

But if you boil it down to the core, cloud-based CRM software is so necessary for today’s enterprises to compete in their competitive markets. And CRM by itself is not enough, enterprise companies need a complement of software components to support the needs of their organization and audiences.

The philosophy of “CRM is not enough”, and organizational focus was the impetus for the release of OptifiNow. Simplifying complex software needs with a suite of software modules focused on the needs of the Sales & Marketing organization is at the core of OptifiNow. Released in 2017, after years of researching the needs over a variety of industries, the leadership of OptifiNow defined the software components that best serve the needs of sales & marketing teams.

OptifiNow includes CRM, Intelligent Sales Automation, Sales Enablement & Marketing Automation, Business Intelligence and Visualization, and a Robust API. All of these software components are deployed in a cloud-based software platform that are pre-integrated and configured for the needs of many industries.

Technology can be intimidating for many enterprise companies, that do not have large IT teams that can internally configure a platform for their teams. Researching’s App Exchange of 5000+ add-ons take time and effort, and then implementing and configuring the Salesforce environment can be overwhelming, so companies hire expensive outside consultants to jump in. OptifiNow removes the intimidation and complexity by pre-integrating the software modules that most sales & marketing teams need. Our research helped us to identify the solutions needed across multiple verticals, with a goal of making it quick and easy to setup. Most customers are up and running in 30 days or less with a platform that is configured for their specific business.

“CRM is not enough” but with the OptifiNow complement of solutions in an All-in-One platform simplifies the process, so sales & marketing teams can focus on their core competencies and grow revenues.



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