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Reports OnDemand Is Live!

Our newest module, Reports onDemand, is now available. This unique product integrates enterprises’ sales and marketing data into a single repository and provides a dynamic, collaborative graphical interface for analyzing results.

Reports onDemand provides managers with real-time updates using cloud-based technologies to analyze everything from conversion rates to campaign effectiveness. Capable of measuring both sales and marketing initiatives, Reports onDemand can indicate who is selling and who is not, where the sales process is working versus where it is breaking down, what leads are hot and which have gone cold. Now, sales managers can have a clear picture of the current sales forecast or historical trends in minutes instead of spending days on manual calculations. Strategic goals and objectives can be adjusted and pushed to various levels of the organization on the fly resulting in improved campaign results across the enterprise.

Reports generated by the Reports onDemand module are customizable in real time and can be viewed on any Internet capable device. The Reports onDemand module can also incorporate data from other company systems including vendor partners and other CRM systems. Reports onDemand provides access to data in SQL, XML, Excel spreadsheet and other data sources with options to export in a variety of file formats.



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