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OptifiNow Successfully Integrates With Encompass TPO Connect

May 10, 2021 – OptifiNow, a provider of CRM and marketing automation software, announced an integration to the ICE Mortgage Technology™ platform that focuses on wholesale lenders and third party originators (TPO). OptifiNow utilized the Encompass® API to integrate with TPO Connect and provide lenders with an efficient method to synchronize the TPO Connect and Encompass loan data with their CRM platform.

The integration enables OptifiNow to synchronize data stored in TPO Connect, including account and contact data. OptifiNow provides seamless access to critical information on TPO customers that can be combined with associated loan data stored in Encompass. This powerful mix of customer, loan, and sales data enables OptifiNow to create targeted campaigns and efficient automations that enhance sales and marketing operations. OptifiNow is the first vendor with an ICE Mortgage Technology approved integration which combines TPO Connect loan data and Encompass loan data entirely using the Encompass API, which demonstrates the robustness and relative ease of working with the API.

“It was surprising how easy it was to jump in and start building the integration,” said John McGee, founder and CEO of OptifiNow. “Encompass provided all the documentation we needed and a sandbox environment that allowed us to build very quickly.”

OptifiNow credits the Encompass integration team with helping them navigate and identify the required data fields.

“With the abundance of data fields available, we knew finding a select group of data fields would be extremely important,” said McGee. “Our integrations specialist knowledge and responsiveness helped simplify a task that could have been monumentally complex.”

The OptifiNow integration to Encompass TPO Connect provides wholesale lenders with insight on customer behaviors and trends that can be used to drive more responsive account management and create more powerful marketing campaigns.

“Mortgage lenders are using this integration to dynamically classify their customers and trigger appropriate marketing sequences,” said McGee. “Integrating Encompass TPO connect opens the door for wholesale lenders to build OptifiNow into the sales and marketing machine of their dreams.”

About OptifiNow

The OptifiNow platform combines CRM, Intelligent Sales Automation, Configurable Sales Processes, Sales Enablement, Reporting & Analytics and a robust API with integrations into a variety of complementary technologies. Many Lenders use different sales platforms for their Retail, Reverse, and Wholesale products lines, forcing them to maintain, train and support multiple technologies within their companies. OptifiNow offers a single platform that Lenders can offer to their Loan Officers, Account Executives & Call Center Agents, while Management can build their benchmark sales processes and gain critical insight on business performance to maximize revenues. More information can be found at

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