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OptifiNow Successfully Implements CRM Platform For Reverse Mortgage Lender

SEAL BEACH, CA, June 13, 2022 – OptifiNow announced that they have successfully deployed their custom CRM platform for Reverse Mortgage Lending, a reverse mortgage originator based in San Diego, California. Reverse Mortgage Lending selected OptifiNow as their CRM platform to efficiently manage their marketing campaigns and track loans in process more effectively.

“We were looking for a way to efficiently track our leads and borrowers in a reverse mortgage context,” said Evan O’Dell, president of Reverse Mortgage Lending. “We quickly found out that there are very few CRMs that can support reverse mortgages. We considered using a generic CRM but knew it would be expensive and time consuming to configure. Luckily, we found OptifiNow.”

OptifiNow specializes in building custom CRM solutions for mortgage lenders. They had previously built a custom reverse mortgage lending module for a prior client that included designing a UI and building integrations to reverse mortgage loan origination systems (LOS). “Our custom design-build approach means we can support any type of mortgage lending,” said John McGee, president of OptifiNow. “Wholesale, retail, forward, reverse – we have a wide range of experience to draw on that our clients benefit from.”

In addition to supporting reverse mortgages, OptifiNow built integrations to Reverse Mortgage Lending’s website and a variety of landing pages in order to capture new leads and identify high-value lead generation sources. OptifiNow provided a custom marketing store to supply personalized collateral for loan officers to enhance engagement with borrowers and referral partners.

Another benefit that Reverse Mortgage Lending received is OptifiNow’s White Glove approach to implementation and support. During implementation, Reverse Mortgage Lending was only responsible for providing information to OptifiNow that was needed to setup their platform. OptifiNow performed all of the customization, configuration, testing and data management. As a result, the platform was deployed in less than 30 days.

“We were treated like a customer at a fancy restaurant,” said O’Dell. “OptifiNow sat down with us, listened to all of our requests and met with us weekly to provide updates and gather more information. Within a couple of weeks, we were testing the CRM and shortly thereafter we deployed. The best part is that we’re still meeting with them weekly to make small adjustments. OptifiNow is really invested in making sure we have the CRM that works for us.”

OptifiNow’s ability to support reverse mortgage lending combined with their marketing features made the choice easy for Reverse Mortgage Lending to make. “OptifiNow has everything we were looking for in a CRM,” said O’Dell. “Using a big-name CRM that didn’t have any experience in mortgage lending, let alone reverse mortgages, was simply too risky for us. OptifiNow made everything so simple that we were able to hit the ground running.”

About OptifiNow

The OptifiNow platform combines CRM, Intelligent Sales Automation, Configurable Sales Processes, Sales Enablement, Reporting & Analytics and a robust API with integrations into a variety of complementary technologies. Many Lenders use different sales platforms for their Retail, Reverse, and Wholesale products lines, forcing them to maintain, train and support multiple technologies within their companies. OptifiNow offers a single platform that Lenders can offer to their Loan Officers, Account Executives & Call Center Agents, while Management can build their benchmark sales processes and gain critical insight on business performance to maximize revenues. More information can be found at



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