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OptifiNow Enables Alter Management To Broaden Outreach To Communities In Need Of Substance Abuse Tre

Health treatment center harnesses CRM automation software to address growing need for substance abuse services.

SEAL BEACH, Calif. – OptifiNow, a provider of CRM and automation software, announced today the successful launch of their platform with Alter Management, a substance abuse treatment facility. The launch with Alter Management highlights the growing need for treatment facilities to conduct effective client outreach and screening to communities impacted by the scourge of substance abuse and addiction.

Like many substance abuse treatment facilities, Alter Management uses broadcast media and digital campaigns to offer their services to potential patients, family members and healthcare professionals. Using OptifiNow, Alter Management is able to track the effectiveness of their campaigns and automatically route inbound calls to representatives with expertise in specific areas of substance abuse.

“Substance abuse and addiction has to be handled with compassion and sensitivity,” said Michael Castanon, CEO of Alter Management. “However, we’re also part of a broader healthcare industry that requires data and adherence to regulations. OptifiNow provided us with a single system for Dana Point Rehab Campus that improved our ability to conduct effective outreach and manage our data better.”

Phone system integration was critical to the success of Alter Management’s outreach. Campaigns were linked to specific phone numbers which allowed OptifiNow to identify and automatically route calls to an appropriate agent. Once initial screening is completed, calls are transferred to an admissions team that performs verification of benefits (VOB) and then to a clinical assessment performed by licensed staff. All calls are tracked and recorded for quality control and compliance.

“We have a very specific and detailed process flow that gathers critical information at a number of stages,” said Castanon. “OptifiNow’s flexibility allowed us to take our existing process and build it within their software. This allowed our staff to quickly grasp how to use the system and shorten implementation time.

“OptifiNow’s unique White Glove service model allowed Alter Management to utilize advanced CRM automation without having to dedicate resources on an internal system administrator or third party consultant. OptifiNow performed all platform configurations and phone system integrations based on Alter Management’s requests.

“Part of the reason why health treatment centers shy away from using CRM automation systems is because of cost and complexity,” said John McGee, CEO and founder of OptifiNow. “Our White Glove approach lowers the barrier to entry and enables treatment centers of any size to utilize sophisticated CRM and outreach techniques. We’re grateful to partner with Alter Management and help them reach more individuals and families in need.”

About OptifiNow

The OptifiNow platform combines CRM, Intelligent Sales Automation, Configurable Sales Processes, Sales Enablement, Reporting & Analytics and a robust API with integrations into a variety of complementary technologies. Many companies use different CRM platforms for their different service and products lines, forcing them to maintain, train and support multiple technologies within their companies. OptifiNow offers a single platform that companies can offer to their client facing employees, while Management can build their benchmark sales processes and gain critical insight on business performance to maximize revenues. More information can be found at



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