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OptifiNow Creates New Solutions For Wholesale Lenders With Enhanced LendingQB® Integration

OptifiNow, a provider of CRM and marketing automation solutions, announced they have enhanced their integration with MeridianLink’s® LendingQB—a browser-based SaaS mortgage loan origination platform—to provide unique solutions for wholesale mortgage lenders. The enhanced integration allows wholesale lenders using OptifiNow to monitor broker performance and receive automated alerts that improve sales efforts and customer service.

OptifiNow is a comprehensive sales and marketing solution for retail, consumer direct, wholesale and recruiting teams for the mortgage industry. The wholesale version of OptifiNow appropriately tracks broker company accounts and individuals that are associated with those accounts, a critical difference from most retail mortgage CRM platforms that can only track individuals. OptifiNow’s integrated marketing enables fast and easy distribution of targeted communications to brokers via email and SMS.

“LendingQB was designed to readily implement and compliment various industry software solutions available on the market,” said Doug Glagola, VP of strategic development at MeridianLink. “We’re excited to be an integral part of OptifiNow’s strategic initiatives, and we look forward to the many ways LendingQB can help innovate for further success.”

OptifiNow integrated with LendingQB in 2016, but the addition of new wholesale lender clients using the LendingQB platform prompted further development of the integration to support their unique business requirements.

“Wholesale lenders have fewer CRM options than retail lenders,” said John McGee, founder and CEO of OptifiNow. “Many try to force a retail CRM into their wholesale environment or opt for a generalized CRM that isn’t designed for mortgage lending. Our years of experience working with both wholesale lenders and LendingQB’s client install base allowed us to develop solutions that are even more powerful.”

LendingQB’s highly flexible Open APIs enabled OptifiNow to capture loan production data generated by broker accounts and loan officers. Using this data, OptifiNow can identify production trends and give wholesale lenders new insight into the performance of their customers.

“One new feature we created is Account Dormancy, which automatically alerts lenders when a broker account is going stale,” said McGee. “LendingQB data allows us to track loans submitted by brokers and determine whether they have failed to submit a loan within the last 30, 60 or 90 days. We then alert our users using email, SMS or in-system notifications so that they can respond quickly.” This same data is also used to create reports and dashboards that evaluate broker and account executive performance over time.

“LendingQB gave us API tools and data to create solutions that go beyond a simple integration,” McGee noted. “Our partnership allowed us to innovate and offer a combined CRM and LOS solution that gives mortgage lenders a significant advantage. We’re proud to work with LendingQB.”

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