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OptifiNow Announces New Integration Features With Cisco Phones

Numerous studies have been done to measure the importance of reaching a customer first as it relates to closing a sale. Conversion rates of leads can be up to four times higher for companies that respond to inbound inquiries within minutes. OptifiNow, a cloud based sales automation platform, is helping businesses to improve the efficiency of their sales teams through a new integration with Cisco.

When a potential customer fills out a form for more information on a company’s website, that company needs to respond immediately if they want to increase their odds of converting that customer. Recent studies show that on average companies are responding to inbound leads in 2 days and that almost 30% of leads never receive a call.

The new Cisco integration with OptifiNow will enable businesses already using Cisco phone systems to seamlessly move from a manual call response system to an automated sales platform. Companies utilizing OptifiNow & Cisco will be calling the lead before the lead even has a chance to navigate away from the company website.

OptifiNow automates the sales process. The moment a sales lead is submitted online, it will be entered into the OptifiNow database, assigned to a sales person and the Cisco phone extension will begin calling the lead. On the sales person’s computer screen, the details the lead supplied on the company website will pop up. The sales person will then be fully prepared to deliver the information the customer is looking for while tailoring the sales message to that individual’s unique interests.

Additionally, the OptifiNow system will send triggered emails and text messages to the lead, if it is designed into the sales process. Converting leads is directly tied to making contact with them. The faster and more consistent a company makes contact, the more often they will win the sale.


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