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New CRM Feature: Support OnDemand

What is Support OnDemand?

We’ve made providing exceptional customer service to your clients easier with OptifiNow’s new feature: Support OnDemand. Create unique automated customer service processes with our fully customizable and intuitive UI. Understand how well your processes perform by measuring time from case opening to closing and agent productivity. The result? Happy brokers, optimized customer support costs and expanded capacity through automation.

OptifiNow’s Support OnDemand module is designed to manage customer inquiries efficiently and monitor support performance. It features an intuitive ticket UI and a customizable workflow designed to meet a lender’s specific needs. Ticket features include document attachments, ticket timer tracking and integration to LOS platforms, pricing engines and VOIP phone systems. All of your tools and data can live on a single CRM platform.

Why does it matter?

Wholesale mortgage lenders perform customer service like any other B2B company. Service reps are swamped by support requests coming in from many directions. Brokers need help with loan scenarios, product support and with other general questions and they expect answers in minutes. It’s a tough spot to be in. Assisting brokers quickly and efficiently helps you generate repeat business.

How does it work?

Enabling the Support OnDemand module opens up all the possibilities for your support processes. For starters, you can capture issues with tickets and monitor how well they are worked to resolution. You’ll also be automating support processes important to your clients, such as providing loan scenarios and providing updated status on loans in process.

Custom Ticket UI: Create tickets with custom properties tailored to your unique customer service situation. Tickets are automatically associated with individual contacts and companies.

Custom Ticket Pipeline: Each process is different. Create unique statuses for tickets that are customized to your specific situation.

Representative Reporting: Measure representative performance. Fully customize to the metrics you deem essential to measure success.

Ticket Reports: Evaluate your support team’s performance with customizable reporting.

Document Attachments: Attach relevant documents to the ticket to ensure the support agent has all the information in one place to bring the issue to a quick resolution.

Ticket Timer: Fully customized ticket timing to measure each step of the ticket journey, from open to close and the steps in between. Ticket timer customization examples: Pause time tracking, automatically exclude weekends/holidays in timing.

New features:

  • A customer service module that tracks individual ticket requests with contacts and companies

  • Custom ticket UI

  • Ticket management

  • Custom ticket pipeline

  • Ticket reports

  • Document attachments

  • Ticket timer

If you are interested in activating this new feature or you’d like to learn more about how OptifiNow’s fully customized CRM can streamline and improve your customer service efforts, please reach out to Linn Cook at

About OptifiNow The OptifiNow platform combines CRM, Intelligent Sales Automation, Configurable Sales Processes, Sales Enablement, Reporting & Analytics and a robust API with integrations into various complementary technologies. Many Lenders use different sales platforms for their Retail, Reverse, and Wholesale product lines, forcing them to maintain, train and support multiple technologies within their companies. OptifiNow offers a single platform that Lenders can provide to their Loan Officers, Account Executives & Call Center Agents. At the same time, Management can build their benchmark sales processes and gain critical insight on business performance to maximize revenues. More information can be found at


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