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New CRM Feature: Automated Account Classification

What is Automated Account Classification?

OptifiNow has developed a new feature that allows wholesale lenders to easily classify broker accounts based on the business value they provide. Known as Automated Account Classification (AAC), OptifiNow can dynamically assign classification tiers to broker accounts using a custom algorithm that utilizes a combination of LOS and CRM data. The result is a fully automated process that dramatically simplifies broker account management using criteria that reflect the real-time performance of brokers.

Using Automated Account Classification, wholesale lenders can: • Quickly identify broker performance • Simplify account management for Account Executives • Evaluate sales team performance • Gain strategic insight on sales operations

Account ClassificationAccount TypeAccount Sub-TypeA1 (Active – Producing)BrokerCompanyA4 – DormantCorrespondentBranchA4 – DormantBrokerCompanyD (Aged Lead – Open)BrokerCompanyA4 – DormantBrokerCompanyA4 – DormantBrokerCompanyA4 – DormantBrokerCompanyD (Aged Lead – Open)BrokerBranch

Why does it matter?

Serving the mortgage broker community is extremely challenging because of the sheer number of brokers, price competition from other wholesale lenders and the demand for high-quality service. Automated Account Classification allows lenders to manage these factors at scale by creating a classification system that is simple but extremely powerful. AAC allows lenders to create an algorithm that combines LOS data with OptifiNow CRM data to generate a tiered system of classifications that indicate a broker’s business performance.

For example:

A1Submitted a loan within the last 30 daysHigh performing accountA2Submitted a loan between 30 and 60 days agoAverage performing accountA3Submitted a loan between 60 and 120 days agoLow performing account

In the example above, the date of the last loan submitted is pulled from the LOS. This data is then used to categorize the broker into the defined account performance bucket.

OptifiNow’s AAC feature pulls loan submission data from the LOS automatically, updating the classification of accounts dynamically over time and providing Account Executives with a running total of broker account performance that can be easily visualized in a pipeline or report:

Account Classification

Number of Accounts – Account Executive 1Number of Accounts – Account Executive 2








You can see in the example above how Account Classification makes it easy to identify which Account Executive is more effective at managing their brokers and may even suggest the need to hire more AEs and distribute account load more evenly.

AAC has the ability to support more complex classification rules that reflect nuanced or high-volume sales processes, such as call center environments. AAC can incorporate CRM events in the algorithm to create a classification grid. For example:

Account assigned to AE in last 90 days

Account assigned to AE between 90 and 180 days ago

Account assigned to AE more than 180 days ago

Outbound call tracked within last 30 days




Outbound call tracked between 30 and 60 days ago




Outbound call tracked more than 60 days ago




The example above places an emphasis on Account Executives tracking phone calls made to broker accounts, but also considers how long the AE has had an opportunity to work with an account. For fully automated sales processes, AAC can even utilize an automatic reassignment feature that places low-performing accounts into a shared distribution pool (aka “Shark Tank”) that gives other Account Executives an opportunity to work the account.

AAC is a method of managing broker accounts so that Account Executives can quickly understand how to prioritize their efforts and maximize loan volume (and their own commissions). Providing up-to-date account tiering based on loan volume and other critical data ensures that your team invests time in areas that provide the greatest impact.

How does it work?

OptifiNow works closely with lenders to determine the objective of an Automated Account Classification process and develops an algorithm that fits their goals. Integration with a LOS system is essential for tracking loan data, but other types of integrations, such as telephony systems or pricing engines, can also provide data that can be incorporated into the classification algorithm. Much like everything else that OptifiNow does, AAC is extremely flexible and customizable.

If you are interested in Automated Account Classification or would like to learn more about how OptifiNow’s fully customized CRM can help you more effectively manage your wholesale lending operations, please reach contact us at


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