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Logan Finance Implements OptifiNow TPO CRM To Grow Sales Team

SEAL BEACH, Calif. – Industry Leading Non-QM lender Logan Finance announced today the successful implementation of the OptifiNow TPO, a CRM platform designed for wholesale lenders. OptifiNow TPO provided Logan Finance with the ability to rapidly scale their wholesale team and quickly roll out mass marketing campaigns to brokers using innovative sales and marketing management tools. “We are already seeing a positive impact of OptifiNow TPO on our sales and marketing efforts,” said Bobby Love, COO at Logan Finance.

OptifiNow TPO is a CRM platform designed for wholesale mortgage companies. OptifiNow partnered with wholesale lenders for years, building a deep understanding of their needs that resulted in the creation of OptifiNow TPO. Logan Finance chose OptifiNow TPO because they saw that the CRM could help them grow their Non-QM wholesale and correspondent channels quickly.

“We have more than tripled the size of our sales team over the past few months,” said Love. “We needed a way to support this growth and give us visibility into our sales and marketing performance. OptifiNow TPO provides us with well-designed tools that make the lives of our AEs easy.” OptifiNow’s robust LOS integrations provide critical data that powers their Automated Account Classification feature, while the RateSheet Distributor feature enabled Logan to quickly roll out a mass marketing campaign to the mortgage broker community.

“OptifiNow’s Account Classification feature helps our Account Executives easily identify accounts that need their attention, allowing us to scale our sales process quickly,” said Love. “Logan has been growing rapidly and has developed a reputation for certainty and stability during uncertain times, especially when many competitors are shuttering their business. OptifiNow helps our AEs manage their client communications and maintain a consistent delivery of the Logan experience that has earned us the title of “The Agency of Non-Agency.™”

Jackie Daniels, VP of Operations at Logan Finance, noted how OptifiNow TPO provided total flexibility over creating Account Classification rules. “Our classification rules prioritize newly approved accounts and accounts that haven’t submitted loans in a while. Because the Account Classification process is fully automated, we’re able to focus on accounts that have different levels of activity and communicate to them accordingly to maximize the client experience.

Logan Finance needed to announce themselves to brokers and lenders quickly in order to ramp up volume. The RateSheet Distributor feature automates Logan’s daily rate sheet email campaigns, reaching out daily to all their customers and prospects. The messages are sent from the Account Executive’s email address and automatically include personalized contact information.

“Capital markets was able to hit the ground running using RateSheet Distributor,” said Daniels. “We’re getting our name, products and pricing in front of thousands of brokers on a daily basis. OptifiNow lets us control when to send rate sheet emails so that we can handle any pricing situation. This feature has had a significant impact on our ability to attract new business.”

“OptifiNow TPO represents the culmination of years of working alongside our wholesale lender partners,” said OptifiNow President John McGee, “We’ve seen firsthand how Salesforce customization projects come up short because of poor execution and a lack of wholesale lending expertise. The knowledge we’ve gained from our customer community has been fundamental to launching OptifiNow TPO, and we can’t wait to see what a long-term partnership with Logan Finance can add.”

About OptifiNow

OptifiNow is a cloud-based provider of customized CRM sales management and marketing automation software. OptifiNow’s platform consists of multiple modules that are fully integrated to provide companies with a customizable solution that adapts to virtually any type of sales environment, including distributed retail, consumer direct, and wholesale mortgage lending. OptifiNow delivers their solutions using a unique White Glove service model that significantly reduces implementation time, lowers maintenance costs and increases user adoption. Visit or call (888) 746-6743 to learn more.

About Logan Finance

Founded over 70 years ago, Logan Finance offers THE premium Non-QM experience for our Partners. Logan’s Non-Delegated Correspondent and Wholesale channels specialize in Non-Agency products including Bank Statement, Full-Doc Non-QM, DSCR, Foreign National, Asset Qualification, Non-Warrantable Condo, and Mixed-Use loans. We believe that having competitive products and pricing are table stakes for any mortgage organization. We created a new standard for Non-QM. One where our partners have the highest confidence in our delivery; and in our ability to help grow their client base. Our Non-QM service is so reliable, our partners call us “the Agency of Non-AgencyTM.” Visit to learn more.

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