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LeadsCon 2013

This week, Las Vegas will be more in-tune with marketing than it already is as LeadsCon 2013 kicks off. It is very fitting that the show is taking place in the marketing capital of the U.S. where you cannot walk more than a few inches without the temptation to spend money.

Unfortunately, not every business is able to capture the attention of its potential customers like Las Vegas does. We don’t all have celebrity birthday parties taking place in our buildings, famous musicians and DJs drawing crowds to our doors, and let’s face it most of us conduct business in industries that don’t exude a party atmosphere. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t improve our customer outreach and conversions.

On average, a company will lose 40-80% of its sales leads at some point in the sales cycle. Whether it is through data entry mistakes, forgotten follow-ups or a lack of communication between marketing and sales departments, potential clients are being lost on a daily basis. But, as LeadsCon attendees will be learning at the show, more efficient lead management software can reduce leakage throughout the sales funnel.

Multi-tasking is essential for success in today’s business world. But, when sales people are trying to balance calling new leads with creating custom messaging for follow ups on top of remembering to manually enter updated information into an unnatural CRM system, things are bound to start slipping through the cracks. The secret to creating the most sales is capturing the habits and tactics of top performing team members and bottling them, turning them into a product that can be used to elevate your entire sales department.

OptifiNow’s Leads OnDemand product does exactly that. We spent years studying what methods yield the best results with the least amount of leakage along the sales funnel. Now, we have turned our research into software that bridges together marketing and sales. Leads OnDemand lowers the potential for leakage by automating lead entry into the system and follow-up alerts to encourage nurturing.

OptifiNow’s Leads OnDemand is the most flexible lead management software available. With Leads OnDemand, leads can either be pushed or pulled using whatever routing method works best for your sales team. Additionally, Leads OnDemand customers are able to reduce the time lag between a lead entering the system and when an initial sales call is placed. On average, Leads OnDemand customers have a mere 8-second timespan from lead to call.

Leads OnDemand is an all-in-solution that unifies the efforts of a company’s marketing and sales teams to generate more qualified leads, increase conversion rates and reduce lead loss. By providing intuitive data mining and reporting tools, Leads OnDemand allows you to instantly track which leads are receiving follow-up (and which are not). You can also pinpoint the most profitable programs by determining which campaigns generate the most qualified leads and closed sales.

OptifiNow will be showcasing its innovative Leads OnDemand product at Booth #532 at LeadsCon 2013, March 19-20th in Las Vegas. If you are attending the show be sure to stop by for a demo and learn more about how Leads OnDemand can change the way your company manages marketing and sales.

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