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KnowledgeTree Selects OptifiNow As A Top Sales Enablement Tool

Recently, KnowledgeTree identified OptifiNow as one of the top products companies should be considering when they are searching for a solution that can help improve sales and marketing output. OptifiNow was named as one of the top choices to boost Sales Operations. According to KnowledgeTree, selections were made based on what tools and vendors were thought to best “help sales and marketing teams increase efficiency and productivity throughout the sales funnel and to drive the prospect relationship through the sales cycle”. KnowledgeTree highlighted the following features of OptifiNow:

Overview OptifiNow is an enterprise technology that helps marketing professionals develop and nurture leads and helps sales professionals turn qualified opportunities into closed sales. In a single platform, organizations can connect with prospects and customers via email, mobile, social media, and direct mail.

Key Features

  • Integrate with CRM systems

  • Automatically send emails, track outbound calls, assign tasks, create leads, and distribute collateral

  • Track client activity in a database and push actionable data to your CRM

  • Hosts all marketing assets in a single portal that connects with internal systems

  • Access project information from a central location

  • Leverage social media to acquire leads, nurture prospects, and convert customers


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