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How Sprout Mortgage Maximized TPO Relationships With A Custom CRM

Sprout needed a customizable, flexible, scalable CRM focused on their business

Florida-based Sprout Mortgage (Sprout) is the nation’s top non-QM lender, licensed in 48 states, and is an innovative leader in the wholesale marketplace. Founded in 2016, the company has grown quickly over the last several years.

In 2019, leadership at Sprout identified a critical business function that was preventing the company from accessing important data and managing TPO relationships. Their Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) relied on antiquated software and did not provide the company the flexibility necessary to ensure Sprout was positioned for success in any economic environment.

“Our existing CRM was an off-the-shelf product that wasn’t the customized solution we realized we needed,” said Hien Mai, Vice President of Corporate Development at Sprout Mortgage. “We had to really adjust our business model and processes to the sandbox that was provided to us.”

Sprout needed a solution that would fit their needs (now and in the future), from a partner—not just a provider—that truly understood the wholesale, non-QM space.

Sprout management needed meaningful data and actionable intelligence to maximize TPO relationships

“When initially Sprout approached us, they had a very specific idea for what they wanted us to customize in their instance of OptifiNow,” said Linn Cook, Vice President of Sales at OptifiNow. “They wanted to make our CRM the system of record for all of their sales and marketing activities, from sending out rate sheet emails to providing customer-specific pricing data for their pricing engine.”

Sprout’s executive team realized that their CRM wasn’t giving them the actionable intelligence they needed to best allocate staff and maximize their broker relationships.

“The TPO space will always be a relationship-driven business, and so we really wanted to have a CRM that focuses and really leans into that,” noted Mai.

In addition to managing leads, contacts, and accounts, OptifiNow’s CRM solution allowed the team to examine their sales both from a top-down, organizational standpoint—their institutional partners—and from a bottom-up, individual broker level. No longer would managers wonder why company penetration was low or broker volume was flagging. OptifiNow’s CRM gave them instant access to meaningful data that helped them make better decisions faster.

“The key for Sprout is our ability to create rapid customizations to our platform,” said Cook. “It allows Sprout to identify and implement improvement opportunities, receive feedback and then move quickly on to the next issue.”

Expedited launch and extended rollout required a nimble, flexible partner

In looking for a new CRM partner, Sprout realized it had to be a firm that was nimble and flexible enough to handle a tight launch timetable that required a completely custom solution. OptifiNow was able to adjust course and provide Sprout the capabilities they needed for the launch, with an extended rollout of additional features to follow.

“The fully custom solution really spoke to us,” said Mai.

The support from OptifiNow didn’t end at the conclusion of the successful launch, however. The company’s customer service includes continuous dialogue, open communication, and an iterative process of improvement. “Our ‘White Glove’ approach means we’re constantly engaged with Sprout, ensuring that communication is flowing smoothly and we’re delivering what they want,” says Cook. “Sprout’s team that works with us is very transparent and they give us the type of feedback that makes it easy for us to know exactly what they expect.”

OptifiNow CRM produces big gains for Sprout wholesale relationships, strengthening new channels

Sprout quickly saw tangible, significant results from their investment in OptifiNow’s CRM solution. “We feel that its been instrumental to our growth,” notes Mai. In one instance, the company saw one account grow from $1 million per month to $15 million per month in submissions and $25 million per month in fundings.

“With OptifiNow, we found a partner that understands your business, challenges, and aspirations and is committed to helping you achieve that with practical solutions,” said Mai.

By having a clearer picture of the state of the AE/broker relationship and instant access to crucial data, management was able to put the right people in the right place to maximize ROI.

Sprout’s new partnership with OptifiNow also coincided with their desire to expand their retail business, focusing more on direct-to-consumer lending. The platform’s flexibility and capacity gives Sprout’s management team the confidence to aggressively pursue new customers and markets, knowing that OptifiNow’s CRM solution is able to deliver real results.

In a volatile economic environment, marked by rising interest rates, slowing GDP, and an uncertain housing market, it is critical for Sprout Mortgage to have the tools necessary to thrive under any conditions. OptifiNow gives them the agility and confidence to lead the Non-QM market now and in the future.


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