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How A Custom CRM Allows Mortgage Lenders To Rise Above Their Competition

There are as many ways to generate loan volume as there are mortgage lenders. A customized CRM platform is central to successfully executing this strategy.

Mid-size and enterprise mortgage lenders know that in order to increase market share, they need more than a cookie-cutter approach to sales and marketing. Beating their competition requires unique strategies that differentiate them from everyone else and expresses their brand and culture.

But many lenders rely on one-size-fits-all CRM platforms that constrain their ability to realize a unique strategy because it lacks the flexibility or functionality that is required. If your vendor keeps telling you “No, we can’t do that,” it’s time to leave the frustration and inadequate CRM behind. Savvy lenders are in the pursuit of an, “Absolutely, we can” solution – that’s where OptifiNow comes in.

OptifiNow is the only mortgage CRM that can satisfy this need for uniqueness because it’s custom-built to a lender’s precise specifications. OptifiNow is designed with all the core features that are necessary for mortgage sales and marketing:

  • LOS Integration

  • Lead Management

  • Contact Management

  • Analytics & Reporting

  • Marketing Automation

  • Wholesale Account Management

The key is that OptifiNow is built to be flexible and delivered not as a product, but as a custom-tailored service that considers the entire life-cycle relationship between a lender and their CRM. Imagine Salesforce with mortgage lending-specific capabilities, consulting, and software development teams; but without the astronomical costs. This is what OptifiNow calls White Glove service and it’s central to our success.

OptifiNow utilizes a comprehensive, consultative approach to understanding a mortgage lender’s specific needs and develops a collaborative implementation process that ensures lenders are getting the CRM platform they expect – and more. Implementation, however, is not the end of the engagement.

We all know that change is a constant in the mortgage industry and a lender’s ability to respond to these changes is critical to long-term success. OptifiNow’s White Glove service engages and works with lenders well beyond implementation to ensure continuous improvement of the platform over time. Whether it’s minor enhancements or building entirely new functionality, OptifiNow stands ready to make the changes that a lender needs to stay competitive and improve sales and marketing effectiveness.

We invite you to learn more about OptifiNow and our custom method for building unique CRM platforms for mortgage lenders. See what our clients say about the benefits of a custom CRM and how it has changed their approach to sales and marketing. If you’re ready for CRM-as-a-Service, we are too.

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