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Eleven Mortgage Deploys OptifiNow Wholesale CRM Platform In 30 Days

SEAL BEACH, CA, August 15, 2022 – OptifiNow, a provider of CRM technology and services, announced today the successful deployment of their sales and marketing platform with Eleven Mortgage, the wholesale division of Benchmark Mortgage. Industry experience and specialization in wholesale lending was a key factor in Eleven Mortgage’s selection of OptifiNow. “OptifiNow has all of the features we were looking for,” said Garrett Finkelstein, vice president of marketing at Eleven Mortgage.

Launched four years ago as a division of nationwide lender Benchmark Mortgage, Eleven Mortgage struggled to find a CRM platform that fulfilled their requirements as a wholesale lender. “There are very few CRM companies that are focused on wholesale mortgage lending,” said Finkelstein. “We initially selected a vendor that modified a version of their CRM built for retail loan officers. Unfortunately, it was like putting a square peg in a round hole. The gaps were too numerous to overcome.”

Eleven Mortgage sought to replace their CRM and found that OptifiNow was the only vendor that had both the technology and experience of working with wholesale mortgage lenders. “OptifiNow didn’t give us vaporware or promises to support wholesale lending,” Finkelstein remarked. “They already had a CRM that was specifically built for wholesale lending. The features and integrations we saw demonstrated a deep understanding of wholesale sales and marketing operations. OptifiNow was the obvious choice for us.”

After selecting OptifiNow, Eleven Mortgage only had to wait 30 days to deploy the platform. OptifiNow’s unique White Glove Service allowed Eleven Mortgage to accomplish the deployment with minimal resources on their side. “OptifiNow handled all of the customization and configuration of our platform. We only had to supply them with our data and they did everything else. It was the easiest CRM implementation I’ve been through.”

OptifiNow recognized that wholesale lenders are underserved with CRM technology and created a strategy that targeted their needs. “Wholesale and retail lending require radically different CRM models,” said John McGee, president and CEO of OptifiNow. “The data structure, marketing methods and sales management goals in wholesale cannot be ‘painted’ on to a CRM that is fundamentally built for retail origination.”

“Our mortgage industry experience and White Glove Service approach makes us the best CRM solution for retail, wholesale, correspondent and mortgage recruiting environments,” said McGee. “There is no need to settle for a CRM that isn’t designed for wholesale lending or spend unnecessarily on a generic platform that requires massive amounts of customization. Our success with Eleven Mortgage and other wholesale lenders provides a superior solution that generates much better value.”

About OptifiNow

OptifiNow is a cloud-based provider of customized sales management and marketing automation software. OptifiNow’s platform consists of multiple modules that are fully integrated to provide companies with a configurable solution that adapts to virtually any type of sales environment, from high volume call center operations to face-to-face sales engagements. OptifiNow delivers their solutions using a unique White Glove service model that significantly reduces implementation time, lowers the cost of maintenance and increases user adoption. Visit or call (888) 746-6743 to learn more.

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