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California MBA Webinar: How Mortgage Lenders Can Leverage Social Media To Generate Quality Leads

On Thursday, June 18th at 11 am PST, the California Mortgage Banker’s Association (California MBA) is hosting a webinar, “An Innovative Social Media Solution that Powers Lead Generation,” presented by the Mortgage Technology and Marketing Committee.

In this webinar, Sun West Mortgage Company (SWMC) shares how they built an advanced social media and digital marketing process using OptifiNow and C Squared Social.

Utilizing C Squared Social’s unique targeted advertisements on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels combined with digital re-targeting, SWMC generates leads that trigger automated SMS and email nurture campaigns in OptifiNow. As a result, SWMC generates a high rate of lead conversions from a ubiquitous lead source that few mortgage lenders truly understand.

Click here to register to learn about the power of social media-driven lead generation.

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