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A Mortgage Sales & Marketing Platform Designed To Accelerate Leads To Closed Loan Conversions


  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management

  • Marketing Automation – Automating all marketing functions from lead management, lead nurturing, email marketing, social media management and much more

Why Should Mortgage Lenders use an Integrated CRM and Marketing Automation System?

A mortgage CRM and marketing automation system is designed to help loan officers, marketers, and management be more effective in their respective roles. It enables loan officers to better organized and manage borrowers and referral partners. The ultimate goal is to nurture leads and customers that helps marketers deliver more meaningful content to convert leads more effectively and efficiently. Measuring key performance indicators in both sales and marketing should be seamless and help management monitor sales and marketing performance so as to make better strategic decisions, evaluate staff performance, run remote branches across the country, and much more.

While it sounds “magical” to have such a system, the market is bombarded by a myriad of big brand names like Salesforce CRM, Jungo, BNTouch, Velocify, Hubspot, Mailchimp and many, many more trying to provide a system that offers all of the above. The sad reality is that most of these vendors in CRM for mortgage lending have seen their users spiral into frustration, technological slavery, and overall dysfunction. One can ask the question, why are there mortgage lenders without any form of automated sales and marketing systems? Is it because of costs or is it because of the complexities of CRM systems in general?

The Challenges Mortgage Lenders Face with CRM

There are a few reasons why lenders may have difficulty generating CRM return on investment (ROI), including low loan officer adoption rates, lack of marketing resources, and poor visibility of sales and marketing effectiveness.

Low Loan Officer CRM Adoption Rates

Low loan officer adoption rates can be explained by the difficulty involved in learning new software solutions, the attitude that existing non-CRM sales methods are working sufficiently, or a loan officer failing to recognize the benefit of CRM and marketing automation. They feel suffocated being a slave to a system that is NOT contributing to their sales process nor ultimately to sales conversions.

A Lack of Marketing Resources

Many lenders are reluctant to invest heavily in marketing or they rely on loan officers to market themselves. In addition, most marketers are not trained administrators of CRM or marketing automation systems. Development of marketing content, in general, is labor-intensive and some content requires compliance to approve, endorse and release material for use, adding more complexities to generating marketing all round! It’s understandable why lenders struggle with investing in marketing.

Blurred Performance Effectiveness (Garbage In, Garbage Out)

Finally, poor visibility of sales and marketing effectiveness can be explained by poor loan officer adoption rates rendering CRM data inaccurately or inconsistently. Data is only as good as the information input into a system. This, coupled with poor utilization of key performance indicators, makes it difficult to track sales and marketing lifecycles and can generate a sense of dissatisfaction or distrust of CRM solutions. In short, when the cycle of sales and marketing is broken, poor execution results in poor ROI.

How OptifiNow’s White Glove Service Makes a Difference

OptifiNow knows that mortgage lenders, particularly mid-tier lenders, have a vision of what they want from a sales and marketing automation platform, but they have difficulty achieving their goals. That’s why OptifiNow places an emphasis on service delivery using a White Glove Service model. OptifiNow’s integrated CRM and marketing automation platform provides the tools that enables mortgage lenders to implement an effective sales and marketing strategy from start to finish, but the White Glove Service model bridges the gap between vision and execution.

OptifiNow’s team becomes a part of a lender’s sales and marketing operation from initial implementation to final deliver and every step in between. OptifiNow performs the initial setup, configuration and training for the platform. All marketing campaigns are built in close coordination with a lender’s marketing team. OptifiNow has developed a strategy that delivers a fully customized and operational system within 30 days known as RAPID:

  • Review: Review overall goals of organization needs, business processes, and metrics.

  • Analyze: Gather measurements and tools, identify metrics for success, and document business processes.

  • Plan: Set priorities, project timelines, prioritize importance, and determine schedules, approach and resources.

  • Implement: Develop tools and processes, manage timelines and budgets, and communicate goals throughout the business.

  • Deploy: Set schedules and procedures, determine the best method, roll out and train.

Request a Demo HERE to learn more about OptifiNow’s sales enablement and marketing automation solutions and how a White Glove Service approach delivers optimal ROI.


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