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Oakley, Inc.

Conquered the problem of managing a global brand and sales force

  • Oakley, Inc’s brand collateral was faltering in its attempt to support a global sales force
  • Local & regional sales team were unsupported and creating a non-brand compliant messaging
  • Current legacy systems could not add new functionality needed for direct mail and email messaging
  • Develop a solution to support a global Salesforce
  • Provide an intuitive and simple interface for a global sales team to create and procure brand and legal compliant marketing collateral
  • Flexibility in marketing creation to support a wide product base
  • Integration into current legacy systems
  • Quick Deployment to support current year initiatives


  • Deploy OptifiNow’s Content Management solution to maximize flexibility in marketing creative
  • Full integration into Oakley’s Toolbox system using the OptifiNow robust API integration, provided a seamless interface
  • Oakley Brand and Legal rules are deployed within the OptifiNow asset library


  • Custom application development completed within 45 days
  • Large Library of Marketing Collateral and Direct Mail campaigns are made available to international sales force
  • Quick adoption to the OptifiNow feature set enabled with a transparent interface for sales teams

Ovation Home Loans

OptifiNow’s Lead Management module provides the “speed to lead” competitive advantage needed to win in the fast paced mortgage industry

  • Ovation Home Loans was struggling to be the first company to contact potential mortgage customers
  • Fast growing Ovation was looking for “Best in Class” solutions to quickly scale their operations
  • Distribute thousand of internet based leads automatically to the correct loan officer

Engagement Objectives:

  • “Speed” – get in touch with customers faster than competitors
  • “Scalability” – allow for new loan officers to be up and running immediately
  • “Automation” – equitably and automatically route leads to the correct loan officer on changing business rules


  • OptifiNow’s Leads onDemand module was implemented
  • Custom integration into Ovation’s phone system directly dialed to mortgage consumers
  • Automatically triggered personalized emails and direct mail to speed to customers decision process
  • Automatically generate Loan Proposal documents to customer
  • SaaS platform provided the infrastructure to connect both local and regional sales team


  • 9X increase in “speed to lead” making Ovation Home Loans the fastest in the industry
  • Month over Month Sales increases
  • 30X growth in Salesforce was easily managed
  • 10X growth in numbers of leads from over a hundred sources were automatically and accurately routed

BioSense Webster

OptifiNow.com Collateral Management module supports the local marketing needs of a global Salesforce.

  • BioSense Webster has a sales team of 3000 representatives worldwide.
  • Sales needs product support materials to help sell their bio-medical equipment line
  • FDA regulations change regularly and rapidly, which must always be updated on the associated marketing material
  • High obsolescence of pre-printed marketing material
  • Long lead times to get new product information into the marketplace
  • No budgetary oversight into marketing use and effectiveness

Engagement Objectives:

  • Streamline the creative review and deployment of marketing creative
  • Support a global sales team with rapid time to market
  • Provide reporting metrics on marketing effectiveness
  • Setup budgetary controls
  • Reduce obsolescence


  • Deployed OptifiNow SaaS platform to give worldwide sales team access to all available marketing content
  • Moved from traditional production process to a Print/Email onDemand for all rapidly changing sales collateral to reduce obsolescence
  • Implemented OptifiNow Collaboration module to facilitate online review and approval of marketing content
  • OptifiNow’s Budgetary management & reporting modules to gain control and provide insight into marketing use and effectiveness


  • Deployed entire system within 30 days
  • Measurable increase in revenue
  • 65% increase in time to market
  • $600K cost savings in year one in the reduction of obsolescence

Crossline Capital

OptifiNow Helps Crossline Capital Increase Closed Mortgages By 10%

Crossline Capital is dedicated to providing homeowners and future homeowners with a variety of home financing options to fulfill their needs in a manner that enhances their standard of living in realizing the American Dream. With over 70 years of combined experience, the team has a deep understanding of the mortgage industry. The California-based mortgage lender originates, funds, and services consumer direct mortgages. And, the company is innovating better ways for consumers to save on their mortgages while enabling them to gain more control over the Home Purchase and Refinance process.

To help reduce overhead and pass on savings to customers, Crossline Capital abandoned its off-the-shelf, one size fits all CRM system and replaced it with OptifiNow. Fully customizable and flexible, OptifiNow allows companies to mesh their sales and marketing initiatives into a single integrated platform. With OptifiNow, customer engagement takes place in a seamless marketing communications environment using Email, Mobile, Social Media, and Direct Mail.

Prior to turning to OptifiNow, Crossline Capital was attempting to use Leads 360’s Velocify to manage incoming leads, follow ups, email campaigns and to generate activity reports for management. However, the system was rigid and as a result, the company was spending large amounts of money for services it did not use or need.

Upon implementing OptifiNow as its CRM solution, Crossline Capital saw its “speed to lead” times drop from approximately 60 seconds using Velocify to as fast as 5 seconds using OptifiNow, which often made its agents the first to make contact with the consumer. By beating their competitors and reaching the consumer first, Crossline Capital saw and realized a 10% lift in call conversion within the first few days after making the switch. Because of its customizable structure, OptifiNow was able to integrate directly into the company’s phone system cutting out wasted time on a slow, shared network, and saving money by eliminating the need for third party telephone rates.

In addition to helping Crossline Capital reach more leads first, OptifiNow has also helped increase sales performance. The company continuously fine-tunes its sales processes to increase closed deals in a shifting mortgage market. When using Velocify, Crossline Capital was stuck with software that could not be customized to meet changing needs. It was a one size fits all software. Using OptifiNow, the company can continuously shift its sales process and have a software system that adjusts to match. The sales team has the tools it needs to make better decisions and respond faster to customer needs. And, from a single platform on OptifiNow, additional branch locations, as well as different product lines and new sales processes can seamlessly be added.

One of the main reasons Crossline Capital decided to make the switch to OptifiNow is because of the customization that is available. OptifiNow works with its clients to create a CRM solution that supports their unique business functions, and any changes that are needed are made quickly to create a tailor-made sales and marketing software suite. Management also views the customizable reporting in OptifiNow’s Reports onDemand as an advantage.

“In this day and age managing marketing costs per closed loan is a top priority,” said Steve Cassill, Crossline Capital. “Our loan officers and managers need quick access to the historical data of a loan so they can determine how much time and money has been spent on that lead. OptifiNow has created a system for us that provides exactly what information is needed when we need it, which has helped lower cost per loan closed company wide.”

If a manager notices that one loan officer is not closing customers as quickly as others, leads can quickly be reassigned. A manager can choose to put the lead up for grabs so loan officers can compete for the new business, or the manager can decide to assign the lead to a particular loan officer. Ongoing marketing campaigns can also be analyzed for effectiveness.
In addition to monitoring results, Crossline Capital also utilizes Optifinow to manage sending email blasts to its current and potential client databases. With OptifiNow, the company has been able to create an automatic email drip campaign that is triggered based on number of days since a customer first contacted Crossline Capital for information about a mortgage.

“The people at OptifiNow are part of what makes their solution so great,” said Cassill. “They treat their customers like they truly value your business, and if you need something they answer your call and make any critical changes quickly. They understand our business, the urgency of our needs and they accommodate us in ways that other CRM solutions were never willing.”

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