The Importance of Bridging Marketing and Sales Departments

If you were to poll companies in the United States today the majority of them would likely respond that throughout their lifespans internal marketing and sales departments have at times…

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Create a Culture of Measurement

Marketing departments are increasingly faced with managing complex inbound marketing campaigns, and owning more of the prospect relationship that traditionally belonged to Sales. At the same time, marketing and sales teams…

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Improving the brand and the business through better content distribution

The Problem with content: Let’s face it: there are two kinds of content: the kind people want-to-read and the kind that gets ignored or deleted because it’s boring or irrelevant. In…

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Value Transfer Mechanisms

Why does a customer consider your brand? What sells a product? What “value channel” causes a customer to choose your brand over a competitor? Every time a customer interacts with…

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Sales Force Automation

Struggling With Sales Force Automation? Synchronizing the sales and marketing process is complex. It’s a process made up of many inter-related tasks. From prospecting, contact management and sales forecasting, through…

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Align Communications to The Buyer’s Journey

Engaging With Your Buyer Commit to building an ongoing dialogue and two-way conversation with your customers and prospects. Talking “at” them in the mode of traditional advertising is no longer…

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