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Attract, engage and convert your sales pipeline with an automated Company Specific Benchmark Sales Process.

Engage with your customers at every point in the buying cycle

Sales enablement provides a company with the tools to develop a standardized sales process which focuses on the activities with the highest probability of successfully closing a deal. Sales enablement includes the sale rep delivering the right message to the right person at the right time through the right channel. Sales enablement focuses on being effective.

Through automating routine and repetitive tasks sales automation allows a sales organization to be effective at the lowest possible cost. Sales automation focuses on efficiency.


Better Pipeline Management: Qualified, scored, nurtured, augmented and prioritized selling opportunities are at each reps fingertips.

Decreased Sales Cycle Length: Enabling accelerated communication of information, better preparation prior to each sales interaction, and use of highly targeted and personalized customer communications.

Increased Win Rate: Arming salespeople with the ability to engage in more strategic event- and dialogue-based communications with their prospects and customers will result in more closed deals.

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Automated sales methodology to help you sell smarter and manage better.

CRM Amplified

You want to use CRM tools that make your job easier,not harder. OptifiNow’s “amplified” CRM does just that- fast, easy online access; with a simple, consistent user interface. That's why users love our CRM system.

OptifiNow’s CRM is tightly integrated into our Marketing On-Demand module providing a fully integrated end to end system for managing your sales, marketing and business development activities. And, it integrates with Salesforce CRM and other software platforms.

This is how you:

  • Automatically send email messages, track outbound calls, assign tasks, create leads, send collateral, etc.
  • Assign triggers to specific events such as registrations, clicks on specific links, the passage of time, calls, orders, etc.
  • Track all client and prospect activity in integrated history database. Push actionable data to your CRM system
  • Create different rules for different markets, campaigns, products, etc.
  • Managers can get the answers they need with a few clicks - visibility into sales activities and pipelines, contact information and opportunities
  • Reduce training time, giving you a shorter time to positively impact revenue

Empowering salespeople by streamlining contact management.

Contact Management

Your salespeople need to spend less time sweating the details and more time realizing their sales potential. That's why OptifiNow has built an intuitive, user-friendly contact management system that offers a relevant feature set. Now your sales team can focus their energies on building relationships and exceeding sales goals.

This is how you:

  • Find information fast
  • Gain access to crucial contacts anywhere, anytime from anywhere – thanks to cloud-hosting
  • Create custom fields to capture the data you need
  • Keep an unlimited number of contacts, which you can constantly update and expand
  • Send and receive emails from any of your email addresses
  • Store all files, correspondence and other documents that relate to a client in the system
  • Use email reminders to prompt timely action regarding deals and prospects
  • Sort and filter opportunities in a variety of ways

Improve opportunity and pipeline management.

  • Optimize workflow processes across all sales force levels
  • Monitor sales rep performance with sales management software that allows you to follow your team's deals from source to close
  • Implement best practices to maximize sales effectiveness
  • Make quicker and more effective decisions with real time insight into key sales performance indicators
  • Improve productivity with workflow paradigms that address individual, team, and organizational scenarios
  • Automatically create or assign tasks and activities when rules are triggered
  • Create price lists, discounts and unit groups to streamline offer management
  • Post sales best practices and tips in the Resource Center

Integration — managing by capturing, organizing and funneling.

Taming the daily influx of leads can be a challenging proposition. That’s why the OptifiNow Lead Management system provides an automated, streamlined method of incorporating leads from a variety of sources, including

  • Real-Time XML/HTTPS Post
  • Import of CSV/Excel File
  • Manual Input

OptifiNow also makes it easy for sales lead providers to automatically flow their data directly into the system. And when lead providers prefer to send leads via email, it’s never a problem. That’s because OptifiNow offers a proven email parsing service.

OptifiNow accepts data from virtually every industry, and participation in the Lead Provider Integration Program is free.One way or the other, we’re ready to make your sales leads to flow into the OptifiNow system in real time.

Communication Channels


OptifiNow takes email marketing to the next level. Brand compliant messaging enabled at the individual sales rep level allows for targeted, personalized and relevant emails to each customer. We enable organizations to power data-driven campaigns and real-time communications, fueling customer engagement, increasing sales, and improving return on marketing investments.

Direct Mail

OptifiNow is the only true multichannel communication solution today. With its integrated direct mail infrastructure, sales reps can mail targeted, personalized and relevant pieces to individual customers – one at a time!


OptifiNow makes it easy to create, target, send, and track SMS marketing campaigns. The functionality seamlessly integrates with our CRM database to get messages and offers immediately into customers hands.


Publish directly to Facebook and Twitter. Use a single application to create, send, and track email marketing and social media marketing messages. Save time and schedule your social posts for future delivery.


OptifiNow’s print on demand infrastructure empowers the local rep to produce localized, personalized and relevant materials to support individual sales efforts.

About Us

OptifiNow is a cloud-based SaaS Sales Enablement and Automation Software Platform that was designed to specifically address the growing needs of the sales force. The system provides a single integrated platform that includes Lead & Contact Management, Sales Process Automation, Opportunity Management, Affiliate Management, Content Management, Marketing Collateral Resource Management, Social Media Management, Collaboration, as well as Reporting & Analytics
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Did You Know

A recent survey by Robert Half found that 54% of chief information officers say that real-time workplace communication tools will overtake traditional email in popularity in the next five years.

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