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Personalized communication is more engaging and relevant

With Marketing On-Demand, maintaining your brand’s content is easy. Simply build your templates, apply artwork through the Digital Asset Management System, and launch. Marketing has full control of what can and cannot be modified on an individual user basis. The Marketing OnDemand module lets users personalize marketing materials to improve customer engagement. User profiles can be configured to dictate access to materials, prefill marketing templates, determine approval rights, and more.

    This is how you;
  • Empower local users to create sophisticated custom product and sales pieces that are more relevant to their local market while maintaining brand and regulatory compliance
  • Maintain a single portal that hosts all marketing assets, connects internal systems, and consolidates ordering.
  • Upload email lists to generate a new campaign
  • Upload a postal lists and send out targeted direct mail campaign
  • Order promotional items or product literature from OptifiNow’s in-house fulfillment cent
  • Manage collateral budgets on an individual basis

Local-level marketing automation.

Local marketing automation gives brands with distributed marketing or sales organizations the ability to translate corporate strategies into local execution.

Now, Corporate can provide all the required tools for local users through the intuitive Marketing On-Demand platform: a centralized hub that allows users to quickly and easily personalize digital content. User have the further ability to deliver the content via email, social or digital print - all with just a few clicks.

Produce personalized content to improve engagement.

Allow users to create personalized marketing materials that are branded and compliant.

  • Single portal that hosts all marketing assets, connects internal systems, and consolidates ordering.
  • Users can personalize specific content and imagery within marketing collateral to improve customer engagement.
  • Configure user profiles to dictate access to materials, prefill marketing templates, determine approval rights, and more.
  • Streamline marketing, creative, fulfillment, distribution and approval processes to optimize marketing operations efficiency.
  • Upload list to generate a new email or direct mail campaign.

Communication Channels


OptifiNow takes email marketing to the next level. Brand compliant messaging enabled at the individual sales rep level allows for targeted, personalized and relevant emails to each customer. We enable organizations to power data-driven campaigns and real-time communications, fueling customer engagement, increasing sales, and improving return on marketing investments.

Direct Mail

OptifiNow is the only true multichannel communication solution today. With its integrated direct mail infrastructure, sales reps can mail targeted, personalized and relevant pieces to individual customers – one at a time!


OptifiNow makes it easy to create, target, send, and track SMS marketing campaigns. The functionality seamlessly integrates with our CRM database to get messages and offers immediately into customers hands.


Publish directly to Facebook and Twitter. Use a single application to create, send, and track email marketing and social media marketing messages. Save time and schedule your social posts for future delivery.


OptifiNow’s print on demand infrastructure empowers the local rep to produce localized, personalized and relevant materials to support individual sales efforts.

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OptifiNow is a cloud-based SaaS Sales Enablement and Automation Software Platform that was designed to specifically address the growing needs of the sales force. The system provides a single integrated platform that includes Lead & Contact Management, Sales Process Automation, Opportunity Management, Affiliate Management, Content Management, Marketing Collateral Resource Management, Social Media Management, Collaboration, as well as Reporting & Analytics
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Did You Know

A recent survey by Robert Half found that 54% of chief information officers say that real-time workplace communication tools will overtake traditional email in popularity in the next five years.

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