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Real time dashboard driven analytics provides business intelligence and drives continuous sales process improvement

Analytics & Reporting

Sales managers need to know who is selling and who is not; where the sales process is working and where it is breaking down; what leads are hot and which are not. They need instant access to real-time data on what is in the pipeline and a clear picture of the sales forecast.

Marketing teams need to understand which campaigns are generating the most leads, which are resulting in the most closed sales and which are delivering the highest return on investment on their marketing dollars. This information is crucial to have in order to make decisions.

Dashboard views make it easy to keep an eye on your performance. Up-to-date information on open rates and click throughs is never more than a few seconds away. Make any customizations to the reports that you require. An ad hoc reporting engine gives you the power to modify reports. The OptifiNow CRM database can also incorporate data from other systems in your company, through a vendor partner or additional CRM systems.

This is how you:

  • Get the overall picture on everything from conversion rate to campaign effectiveness
  • This is how you determine ROI
  • Get powerful tools for data mining and reporting
  • Assess the effectiveness of lead or marketing management practices over time
  • Track KPI's
  • Obtain benchmarking information to compare the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales process with market leaders

Everything you need to take command of your data and put it to work.

  • Quick and powerful Ad Hoc reporting allows you to gain fundamental insights into complex data
  • Intuitive document-generating tools empower your employees to create professional and informative reports in minutes, not days
  • Web-based reporting solutions allow you to adapt and remain concurrent with today's evolving business environments
  • Powerful engines provide high speed data delivery you can always depend on
  • Rely on access to all your data in SQL, XML, Excel spreadsheet and other data sources
  • Output for all your various needs: PDF, XLSX and more

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OptifiNow is a cloud-based SaaS Sales Enablement and Automation Software Platform that was designed to specifically address the growing needs of the sales force. The system provides a single integrated platform that includes Lead & Contact Management, Sales Process Automation, Opportunity Management, Affiliate Management, Content Management, Marketing Collateral Resource Management, Social Media Management, Collaboration, as well as Reporting & Analytics
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Did You Know

A recent survey by Robert Half found that 54% of chief information officers say that real-time workplace communication tools will overtake traditional email in popularity in the next five years.

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