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Unlock Sales Success Across Multiple Channels with Our Versatile CRM Solution

Are you a mortgage lender eager to expand your origination efforts and reach new horizons through a multitude of channels? Do you find it increasingly difficult to effectively manage diverse sales teams while maintaining a clear and comprehensive view of your overall sales activities? If these questions resonate with you, allow us to introduce OptifiNow CRM, the definitive solution to your mortgage origination woes.

Our cutting-edge multi-channel mortgage customer relationship management (CRM) platform offers a comprehensive array of features that empower you to meet and exceed your origination goals. With OptifiNow, you'll experience improved productivity and stand out in the highly competitive mortgage lending landscape.

Handle the unique requirements of different sales channels

Managing the different requirements of various sales channels is one of the most time-consuming efforts when it comes to mortgage lending. Whether you’re dealing with distributed retail, consumer direct, or wholesale – all of these channels have distinct requirements that cannot be handled using the same user interface or workflow processes. With the OptifiNow CRM solution, all those CRMs are essentially hosted in a single platform.

One of the most impressive features of OptifiNow is the customizable interface. For example, when a consumer direct representative logs into the system, they will see their own set of screens, integrations and marketing campaigns. Similarly, a wholesale account executive will have their own unique setup to match their workflow needs.

In addition to that, you can set up custom automation and workflows to support the specific needs of each channel. This integrated approach allows you to create a seamless experience across your entire organization.

Adapt to the needs of various sales teams

You might have different sales teams assigned to different tasks to make operations more efficient, but if your CRM isn’t streamlined, it’ll be more difficult for everyone’s activity to reflect the most accurate and up-to-date information. OptifiNow CRM allows you to manage leads, contacts, and accounts all in one place, accessible from anywhere, thanks to our cloud-based infrastructure.

You can easily configure our CRM to your organization’s processes to support your ongoing growth:

  • Set up automatic email messages, track outbound calls, assign tasks, create leads, send collateral, etc.

  • Assign triggers to specific events such as registrations, clicks on specific links, the passage of time, calls, orders, etc.

Provide a unified view of sales activities

One of the major challenges that comes along with multi-channel lending is monitoring sales activity—especially if you’re employing different CRM solutions. OptifiNow makes it easy to have a unified view of sales activity, no matter which channel it originates from.

Using data from all your sales channels, OptifiNow consolidates everything into one simple, centralized solution—and provides real-time insights into performance. From tracking leads to monitoring conversions, analyzing the effectiveness of your campaigns has never been easier. You’ll find it easier to make data-driven decisions and optimize your strategy for success.


A versatile CRM solution capable of seamlessly bolstering your sales efforts across multiple channels is crucial in today’s competitive mortgage lending landscape. Luckily, the OptifiNow CRM platform was meticulously designed with the unique demands of mortgage lending in mind.

Empowered to own your sales process, you’ll reduce inefficiencies, unlock a new world of possibilities, and experience remarkable results. This adaptable and tailor-made solution can handle the unique needs of various teams and provides you with essential and detailed insights to help you effortlessly monitor sales activities.



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