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How to Streamline Wholesale Lender Sales and Marketing

As a wholesale lending sales manager, you are responsible for discovering new ways to enhance your team's performance and improve decision-making processes to drive business results. One of the most useful tools for achieving these objectives is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. In this short guide, we’re exploring how a CRM system can help you gain invaluable insights and visibility into your sales team's activities, leading to improved performance and results-driven decision-making.

Why You Should Use a CRM

Let’s face it: most companies underestimate the power of a CRM system and the ways it can help your account executives improve their sales performance. But let's go beyond sending emails and booking meetings and get into some process and strategic benefits of a CRM:

  • Efficient account assignments: With a CRM, you can effortlessly assign broker accounts to your account executives and rest assured that the right person manages each account. This not only helps you streamline sales operations but also leads to a more personalized approach to enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Automated account policies: Some CRM systems can automate account policy rules, which relieves a ton of stress around account assignment. When account policies are automated, account executives know what to do in order to hold on to their accounts. As one sales manager told us, “It takes the emotion out of account management.”

  • Track and analyze sales team performance: CRM systems have sophisticated tools and features to track and analyze your team's performance. It allows you to monitor key metrics such as how frequently AEs contact brokers and the success of email campaigns, giving you insights into your team's strengths and areas that require improvement.

  • Data-driven decision-making for sales strategy: When you leverage the data collected in your CRM, it’s much easier to make decisions that improve your sales strategy and drive business results. CRM systems that integrate LOS data are even more powerful because they can leverage submission and funding data to make sales decisions even easier.

How to Use a CRM to Boost Wholesale Loan Volume

Step 1: Implement a CRM Designed for Wholesale Lending

The first step in transforming your sales performance is choosing the right CRM system for your organization. You’ll need one specifically designed for wholesale lending management—offering essential features like account assignment, LOS integration, and rate sheet marketing. This lays the groundwork for the rest of your CRM activities and makes success much more attainable.

Step 2: Train Your Sales Team

Once your CRM is in place, it's crucial to provide frequent and comprehensive training to your sales team. You won’t get the most out of this technology unless your team understands how to effectively take full advantage of its features. Well-trained team members can more efficiently manage leads and sales pipelines, resulting in higher productivity and improved results.

Step 3: Set Up Account Policies

Establishing account policies in your CRM is one of the best ways to optimize your sales team's performance. You can handle accounts more consistently and effectively when you’re able to automate certain tasks like account distribution and assignment. By implementing account policies, you create more time for your sales team to focus on building strong relationships with clients and hitting new sales goals.

Step 4: Track and Analyze Performance

When you leverage the reporting and analytics capabilities of your CRM, it’s much easier to monitor your sales team's performance. You can track and analyze key metrics like submission volume, pull-through rates, and engagement frequency. Once you have this data, you’ll have unparalleled insights into your team’s activities, and get a much more detailed look at their strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to implement necessary coaching and training for improvement.

Step 5: Make Data-Driven Decisions

With LOS data in hand, you can now identify trends and make data-driven decisions to drive your sales and marketing approach. The availability of origination data provided by innovative companies such as Modex can greatly enhance your ability to target key brokers. Being data-driven is more than just numbers or graphs. With modern CRMs, data can be used to automate processes and simplify decision-making, leading to more efficient revenue generation.


As a wholesale lending sales manager, one of the simplest things you can do to optimize your sales strategy and increase loan volume is to implement a CRM. In today’s competitive sales landscape, you need every bit of edge you can get, and the right CRM system is exactly what will begin to set you apart.

OptifiNow CRM is equipped with all the latest technology and features to help you train your sales team, set up account policies, track performance, and gain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions. To start leveraging these tools, contact our team for more information today! We can’t wait to help you discover what OptifiNow CRM can do for your organization.


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