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Today's buyers are cross-functional teams, empowered with access to timely and relevant product information. In this environment a sales function needs to transform into a continuously learning organization, that constantly improves it processes and ROI. A company who provides the top producers the tools to easily share their know-how and measure adherence to prescribed activities will lift the performance of the entire team. OptifiNow is a cloud based, sales enablement and automation software platform that was designed to specifically address the growing needs of the sales force. The software is a single integrated platform that includes modules for lead & contact management, sales process automation, opportunity management, affiliate management, content management, marketing collateral resource management, social media management, collaboration, as well as reporting & analytics. Deploy a standalone module, multiple modules, or using it’s robust API to integrate with partners solutions, The platform eliminates the requirement to manage and or integrate disparate systems which focus on one or limited elements of the sales process. OptifiNow is the ultimate solution for mid to large size sales teams and distributed sales organizations

Utilizing automation, OptifiNow tracks and reports on every lead through each company defined customer touch point until a sale is closed, the lead is put into a further nurture program or it is classified a lost opportunity.

Corporate marketing can automatically generate sales content for use globally or empower users to create locally versioned, yet compliant, custom sales pieces. A single cloud based document warehouse provides a single point of access for reps to get the most current version of any document. OptifiNow is channel agnostic, and distributes content via email, direct mail SMS/ text, phone, video and digital leave behind collateral.

OptifiNow's collaboration tools provides a private social network where all team members can stay abreast of the opportunity and offer advice or resources. Your content expert is always a click away. Social tools allow sales reps to access libraries of approved social postings and with one click can published them directly on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn . OptifiNow amplifies your social presence by leveraging your sales teams fans and followers.

"Essentially the OptifiNow platform allows companies to create an automated sales process that replicates what top sales people have been doing within their companies for years. Dashboard driven analytics and reporting provided allows a company to continuously improve its process without IT involvement. OptifiNow companies can transform the sales process into guided, best practice steps that deliver consistent, repeatable, and high-value results," said OptifiNow CEO John McGee

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OptifiNow is a cloud-based SaaS Sales Enablement and Automation Software Platform that was designed to specifically address the growing needs of the sales force. The system provides a single integrated platform that includes Lead & Contact Management, Sales Process Automation, Opportunity Management, Affiliate Management, Content Management, Marketing Collateral Resource Management, Social Media Management, Collaboration, as well as Reporting & Analytics
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