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Successful recruiting activities are essential to most post high school institutions throughout the US and Canada; now more than ever. With a wide array of options available to students that range from community colleges to web based programs to traditional private colleges and public state funded schools — there’s no shortage of options from which every prospective student can choose.

Yet, in this competitive environment, there are very few institutions with the appropriate resources to properly manage these critical recruiting activities.  In fact, most departments responsible for this effort struggle with challenges tied to budgets and staff. Massive turnover, varying skills and experience, and a lack of proper tools to help automate the recruitment and student engagement process make it difficult to manage the overall recruiting program.

OptifiNow helps each department involved with the recruiting process: IT, department heads, recruiters, and school leaders to help dramatically improve efficiencies while gaining control and real-time access to information and reporting within every step of the recruiting process. 

Every School is Different

Admissions and recruiting processes are different within every organization. That’s why OptifiNow is designed to help boost each school’s performance in a customized manner — as opposed to requiring organizations to ‘fit’ into the OptifiNow platform.  This concept is fundamental in why the OptifiNow solution works better for every client. Whether a school needs more automation tools, inbound ‘lead’ management, social network outreach, or simply a better method of tracking university-to-student communications, the OptifiNow platform and modules can be tailored to match the true needs of each institution in order to achieve maximum results.

3rd Party Application Integration

Integration with existing systems is critical to any CRM or sales and marketing automation tools within a school or university. OptifiNow has invested thousands of hours integrating its cloud-based platform for both uni and bi-directional data sharing with in-house or 3rd party applications, resulting in the benefit of a simpler implementation process for clients. OptifiNow does all the heavy lifting to insure proper integration on a timely basis with project managers and executive oversight, greatly reducing time to launch and costly project over-runs. Basically, OptifiNow does all the ‘heavy lifting’ when it comes to integration and implementation — not the school.

Understanding the Numbers: Better Decision Making

How many prospective students walk onto campus, call into the school, sign up at an event, or fill out a form on the web — but don’t choose your school? Why?  How many do choose your institution? Why? Are you able to measure success or failure?  What process brings the best results from expensive outreach efforts: verbal, email, social or something else completely? Why?

OptifiNow can be a crucial component of your toolbox. It can help you make better decisions and understand what is actually happening through a real-time reporting module. ReportsOnDemand™ helps management dive deep into the statistics without having to crunch the numbers themselves.  Department heads, recruiting managers, and school leaders can access custom dashboards that can report on every part of the recruiting process with ease. Metrics such as the average time it takes to respond to student inquiries, to defining the top recruiter, to what process works best are all at the fingertips of the recruitment team in custom dashboards.

Recruiting made Simple

Recruiting is a challenging career.  Enticing students to attend your institution is difficult and becoming even more challenging every day.  With so many options, it’s a ‘buyers’ market for students to choose from, making the personal touch a key point in their decision making process.  

OptifiNow helps schools improve recruitment results by amplifying the overall outreach of the organization dramatically; yet in a very organized manner. With massive amounts of automation, outreach via email, text, social, etc., OptifiNow becomes a personalized outreach program utilizing best practices to make sure your experienced recruiters and junior staff are working in a similar manner. Organization leaders can be assured that new recruiters are using the same processes, tools, and quality communication methods as the top staff, insuring best practices throughout the entire team; not just the top performers.

With the help of OptifiNow’s personalized automation and intelligent nurturing tools, recruiters can help even the least tech-savvy staff by improving success rates and with little or no more effort by the individual recruiter or manager. 

The Recruiting Process:
Start with the Web Visitor or a Phone Call

OptifiNow helps schools manage, track, and finalize inbound inquiries through intelligent, personalized, and automated nurturing.  After a sales person or receptionist enters a student’s information into the OptifiNow system,it will reach out to the prospective student based on the school’s best practices. The prospect’s decision-making process is no longer be affected by a sales person’s skills, tactics, and attention because the recruitment is all automated. After that immediate, automated and, personalized outreach — OptifiNow will then alert the right recruiter so that person can follow up properly in a 1:1 manner. Depending upon the result of the effort, the recruiter can disposition the status/interest of the student in the OptifiNow CRM, which will trigger automated activities all designed to help move the recruiting process along.

What Happens If They Don’t Choose Your Institution?

How many recruiters follow up with students after they’ve chosen a different school? Perhaps sending carefully worded emails or text messages might help bring back that interested student the next semester. OptifiNow works with school management to help to automate the best practices for follow up after this ‘temporary loss’ in order to recruit more students even after they choose a different institution — they were interested once, why not continue wooing them?

Recruiter Turnover & Student Staff

Recruiters don’t always stay at one school. They rotate jobs often. So often, that universities and colleges can’t maintain continuity with prospective students and require a massive and ongoing training effort. OptifiNow ensures that each school maintains a proper relationship with each student over time, regardless of staffing challenges. And, because so much of the process is automated, standards are held high regardless of staffing turnover rates.

With the simple disposition of a student in the OptifiNow CRM, custom emails can be automatically sent over the coming weeks, months, and even years to keep your school on the top of the student’s mind when it comes time to make a selection. OptifiNow makes it possible for schools to stop relying on individual recruiters, putting the school back in control of their engagements, regardless of a recruiter’s status at an institution.

The Bottom Line – More Success in Recruiting Activities

What does success look like to your organization?  More students? More efficient recruiting processes? Cost reduction? Utilization of best practices? Better organization? Improved reporting controls? Scalability?

Let OptifiNow help you succeed with each of these measurements of success. Call or email today for more information or a live demonstration.

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