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More Challenges than Your Average Sales Force

Direct Sales

Large sales organizations are critical to the success of many consumer product companies.  Yet, they carry with them a diverse set of challenges that go well beyond your ‘average’ sales team with traditional distribution channels.  Whether your structure includes independent contractors or employees or a combination of the two, OptifiNow has a distinct set of solutions that will ensure success of all sales staff through an extensive array of automation, content, and marketing tools that enable each level of the organization to thrive and support your corporate objectives.

Things Have Changed…Dramatically

It used to be simple, provide a quality product, do some brand marketing, sell samples to your sales force and let them go door to door selling their hearts out.  Leaders which have historically dominated the direct-sale industry are playing catch-up now and are doing so by investing millions of dollars in software development or purchases to do what OptifiNow clients are doing through a single relationship with our firm.

Today, you need to arm your team with an arsenal of tools that will help them reach customers through parties, personalized email, blogs, social media, and of course networking through friends.  “Cold calling” is now a small part of the sales process.  Those firms with management teams focused on leveraging each and every channel are winning; and the current generation of at-home sales people are looking to companies with the best tools before investing their most valuable resource; time.

Mindshare of the Top Sellers

With top producers having multiple lines of products in their ‘bag’ these days, how can your firm gain more mindshare from key sales staff with networks of their own?  Ask any one of these top producers and they’ll tell you they spend time on the products they like and trust, are the easiest to sell, those which earn the most income and have the least risk or headaches.

With OptifiNow tools in hand, you can be sure that top talent achieve efficiencies beyond industry standards.  They will have less work to do with your product line to achieve more sales and subsequently they’ll earn more commissions and spend more time in your camp.  Don’t risk alienating this critical talent pool like so many older and more established firms have done.

Sales Goals – What if There Are None?

OptifiNow helps ensure your team has all the right tools at their fingertips to make their jobs easier and enable their efforts enough to make an impact on your top line; even with the majority of your team being part-time.

Within every customized module, MLM’s entire sales team is truly enabled to succeed in their sales efforts because every step of their process is ‘helped and supported’ through intelligent nurturing programs and content designed to entice the interest of your sales staff and automate many of their day to day tasks – all designed to help them sell more product and sell more product more often.

Same Objectives with Varying Skills

If your team is like most MLM’s, management struggles with the mere fact that that the more staff you have, the more diverse your team’s computer and web skills are going to be.  The most successful firms have begun to realize that supporting both novice and advanced users are in their best interest when amplifying their outreach efforts.

OptifiNow is designed from the ground up to help each sales person do more with less time.  Our outreach solutions are designed to leverage the content your team develops for them, however, the individual sales person can quickly and easily personalize the material for customized emails, mailers, invitations, etc. that matches their personality and preference – all compliant with your branding efforts.

Nurturing is A Big Part of the Game

MLM sales is a relationship game with intelligent, creative, constantly changing nurturing activities.  What can your MLM staff say to a client about the same product they’ve been buying for a year when they are seeing advertisements for the next great thing on TV or in magazines or on social media?  The key IS the network. Your marketing department will have access to all the communications the entire team is creatively sending out and will be able to repurpose all those great ideas across the entire network; inexpensively, and in a customized manner.

OptifiNow modules are designed to help distribute customized content for each engagement through automated, yet personal, emails, physical mail, text messaging, and of course social network outreach.

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OptifiNow is a cloud-based SaaS Sales Enablement and Automation Software Platform that was designed to specifically address the growing needs of the sales force. The system provides a single integrated platform that includes Lead & Contact Management, Sales Process Automation, Opportunity Management, Affiliate Management, Content Management, Marketing Collateral Resource Management, Social Media Management, Collaboration, as well as Reporting & Analytics
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