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A Wide Array of Challenges

Call Center

Call centers have a variety of challenges inherent to their initial and ongoing success. OptifiNow helps minimize many of biggest hurdles surrounding staff quality, activity levels and metric management and business intelligence.

The Underlying Goals of a Call Center

Starting at the top, call centers are created for any number of purposes, but, in general, their required by corporations in different industries to either help facilitate large client base support needs and/or help facilitate inbound or outbound sales activities en masse.  And in many cases, both.

Therefore, the fundamental measurements of a call center encapsulate the quality of service and the volume of service. OptifiNow is designed to enable a call center to increase the quality and volume without heavy investments, training, or internal resources.

Challenge: Lead Routing Challenges

Intelligent lead routing is crtical to call center, yet, most are working on systems that were developed more than 5 years ago, causing management to develop a patchwork of work-around and schemes to squeeze out higher work volume.

OptifiNow’s intelligent lead processing, distribution, and circulation methodologies and capabilities are custom to every client making each implementation different AND perfect every time.  Since there are no two companies that operate in the same fashion, a custom solution is the only way to ensure maximum results through each company’s own best practices.  Lead distribution and routing determinants are discussed and implemented by OptifiNow engineers to ensure the maximum ROI for any given lead.

Challenge: Staffing & Inconsistencies

By definition, a call center has a large number of people with varying backgrounds. Very few require a level of skill or education that prevents broad deltas in staffing capabilities, so it’s up to the call center management team to help even the playing field through training and processes.  A never ending effort…

OptifiNow can make an immediate boost to performance through its automation and intelligent nurturing tools.  Whether it’s automated (pre-written) emails that are scheduled by simple disposition of the sales person, or lead routing based on touch volume or other determinants, OptifiNow helps push lesser producers into higher volume with better quality outreach.  It also helps to producers by creating more time for outreach since OptifiNow does all the work automatically.

Challenge: Contacting the Lead ASAP

Nothing moves a lead from a data source to the sales person of choice to closure of a deal that OptifiNow.  Customer after customer tell us how our “Speed to Lead™” features, integrated with a call center’s existing phone system, drive the initial contact point faster than any other 3rd party or in-house systems.  From the receipt of a lead to contact in just 3 seconds all but guarantees success as the first to reach the prospect.

Challenge: Long-term Nurturing

Call center staff are rarely able to nurture prospects, so the leads that are not reachable or were not closed in a short period of time end up back in the general marketing pool where closure rates drop dramatically. OptifiNow can extend the lifetime of a lead through personalized automation and intelligent nurturing tools that can keep a lead “alive” without having the rep to follow up themselves.   OptifiNow automates outreach through proper dispositioning allowing an agent to only call back after they’ve been communicated ‘automatically on their behalf’ for a period of time.  Intelligent, personalized nurturing extends the value of a lead and increases closure rates.

Challenge: Metrics and Business Intelligence

A higher number of sales staff and a larger volume of leads call for a radically different view of the data to ensure call center optimization.  Even a nominal improvement can make a big difference so a solution, like OptifiNow, becomes a critical investment that pays for itself over and over through detailed KPI’s and alerts that match the specific requirements of each individual centers needs where generic reporting just won’t do.

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OptifiNow is a cloud-based SaaS Sales Enablement and Automation Software Platform that was designed to specifically address the growing needs of the sales force. The system provides a single integrated platform that includes Lead & Contact Management, Sales Process Automation, Opportunity Management, Affiliate Management, Content Management, Marketing Collateral Resource Management, Social Media Management, Collaboration, as well as Reporting & Analytics
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