Salesforce CRM App Exchange Shows the Benefit of OptifiNow

The Salesforce CRM App exchange proves that CRM is not enough, which is why Optifinow has a pre-integrated approach to Sales & Marketing Automation. Optifinow's Company History Twenty-one years ago...

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How CRM and Marketing Automation Bridges Marketing and Sales for Mortgage Lenders

Why do mortgage lenders have a hard time bridging marketing and sales? The concept is simple enough. Create marketing messages that resonate with borrowers (or brokers, if you’re a wholesaler),...

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Sales Management Tips For Mortgage Lenders

The Trials and Tribulations of Managing Loan Officers Are you a mortgage lender with 20, 30 or more loan officers scattered either statewide or nationwide? Are you frustrated with trying...

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Tips on Persona Development

Understanding Your Customer Effective marketing campaigns and websites depend on accurate, relevant design personas. The days of designing by feel and delivering a general message are long gone. Customers want...

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Lead Management and Qualification: The Light Bulb Moment!

Sometimes You Have to Show People a Solution Before They Realize They Have a Problem If you’ve ever seen an infomercial you can appreciate that ‘light bulb’ moment when you...

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Tips on Salesforce Management

Sector: Fintech and Mortgage Lending Are you measuring the performance of your sales team? If you are, great! Most managers find the task of measuring performance daunting in the mortgage...

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