Value Transfer Mechanisms

by John McGee 15 Jan 2019

Why does a customer consider your brand? What sells a product? What “value channel” causes a customer to choose your brand over a competitor?

Every time a customer interacts with your company, they either become a little more or a little less engaged, but they never stay the same. Increasing customer engagement motivates customers to buy more, spend more, stay more and come back more.

So when you are creating your content journey around your client’s, make sure each interaction is relevant to the person you are communicating to. A PowerPoint, email, flyer, whitepaper or product flyer are all items that touch a customer and can transfer value to them. If you can improve these and other touch points through more relevant content, better timing or delivery, you will improve your conversion ratios. It does not takes a lot of improvement to make a big difference to the bottom line. Even a 1-2% inprovement at each interaction point of the process can add up to more closed clients per month.

To accomplish this, your marketing department needs to work closely with sales to break down the sales and marketing process into measureable steps where improving communications will make an agreed upon difference. Sales is always looking for better leads and opportubnities, this is a chance for Marketing to truly partner with sales to become a greater contributer to the revenue generation process.

To make this happen, an organization needs a way to monitor and nurture prospects and clients throughout the sales cycle. This traditionally meant you needed to build a CRM platform, purchase and email marketing system, bolt on a marketing automation service and possibly a lead management solution. This can get very complicated and systems do not awalys talk to each other in the best way. That’s why Optifinow, combined many of the needs of these systems into one integrated platform, so marketing and sales could focus on moving the revenue needle rather than becoming bogged down by overly complex IT ititiatives.

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